Pirate Costumes and Real People with Disabilites

As, I am finishing up dramatic play pirate costumes, I am very hesitant about missing sales over the pirate hooks and peg legs we tend to associate with the pirate party themes.

Why? Because the loss of limb is not fun. I never want children to get the wrong ideas about disabilities.

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Pirate cosutume aplenty creted for Heart Felt Play Store: Springs Spree and Creative Expression Colorado Springs Colorado. Post discusses debilitates versus hooks and peg leg.

Pirate costume aplenty created for Heart Felt Play Store:


Dramatic play and dress up or playing the part of a character are different matters from real life where our love ones may have lots an arm, a leg or an eye. We want to be sensitive to their needs and feelings.

A tragic accident can happen to any one of us or our children.

Perhaps a dramatic play costume is an opportunity for we parents,grand parents and caregivers to talk about safety/ caring for our bodies. this may be the time to start a conversation about disabilities and the many possible reasons how they might happen.

A person who has an arm or a leg amputated does not mean that they are a bad like a pirate character.

Arg! She spie ssome burried treasure with her tiny telescope.

Arg! She spies some buried treasure with her tiny telescope.

In decades past our parents and grand parents did not speak of someone’s “malady” . Sure, we kids had questions, but, were not aloud to ask. I realized later when I was as student nurse that grown ups were the ones afraid to ask out of fear of the unknown. *”Handi-caps” were not taken out in public nor allowed to go to regular school. People feared catching disease or evil spirits from others.

  • The term” handi-capped”is no longer considered politically correct. Read the definition

    Handicap | Definition of Handicap by Merriam-Webster

  • The ADA Americans with Disabilities Act in the 1970’s began to make changes in the way people viewed people who had disabilities. However, in our costuming and stereo types of how certain characters are supposed to be portrayed has still stuck our minds in how a character is supported to dress .Stereotypes may need to change. For example: pirates are supposed to have hooks and peg legs. Witches are ugly and ride brooms.

    ADA.gov homepage


    The ADA Home Page provides access to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations for businesses and State and local governments, technical assistance …

Points to ponder abut peg – legged pirates with hooks and patches versus disabilities.

  • It really is OK for kids to ask a person about their adaptive equipment. You don’t have to make your kids look away from someone uses crutches, a cane, a wheelchair or even a prosthetic leg. The person who needs adaptive equipment knows they have that need for the equipment! They are still people who like to be smiled at, too- not ignored out of fear.
  • In reality real pirates are scoundrels we hope not to ever have hijack us if we are abroad a ship.
  • the character in Peter Pan, Captain Hook, had a hook for his hand after the crocodile bit it off. Really! That had to be extremely painful – not funny at all.
Pirate dramatic play with pirate flag; treasure map; beaded skul bracelette; gold coins; jewels and treasure box to hold the loot. Pirate theme coelctions sold on Heart Felt Play Store. Manufactured otc

Pirate dramatic play with pirate flag; treasure map; beaded skull bracelet; gold coins; jewels and treasure box to hold the loot. Pirate theme collections sold on Heart Felt Play Store. Manufactured otc


Heart Felt Play Store will not be selling pirate hooks.I doubt I will sell swords to poke eyes out either. ( Not funny) I w.ll make “weapons” from pool noodles as they make good exercise.There is a time and a place for weapons that each parent will need to discuss with their children.

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I have to confess, that as the owner of Heart Felt Play Store I do have eye patch for sale.

  • Visual impairment isn’t a fun matter either. I know, personally. Also years ago I had some large glitter thrown into my eyes. I had to wear eye patches for 2 weeks over both eyes.

I can’t seem to draw decent skull and cross bones for the pirate look. so, I buy stickers and eyes patches.I do have a request for kids who want the eye patches: In the future I will buy the new trend with eye patch with a hole so the eye can see. I may eventually cut holes out with my exact o knife.

  • Please do not cover your eyes with the patch for safety sake. If your 2 eye work well, please use them. Put the patch in the middle:between your eyes.

This statement is my opinion as the owner of Heart Felt Play Store in Colorado Springs Colorado. 


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I would love to hear your thoughts:

Does this make sense to you? I love to hear your opinion. do you think I should re-word anything?


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna encouraging you to make good choices.


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