Planning the Wrappings Before the Night Before Christmas

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How to plan the Wrappings Before the Night Before Christmas?

This post will give you some ideas of how to plan for gift wrapping when buying Christmas gifts from this No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store. and what to look for when buying toys on-line.

This blog post will cover a number or things to consider when buying toys on-line. My bottom line is – no matter how pretty the gift wrap is -if the toy is not safe – don’t bother to wrap it up with a big red bow. It will still be unsafe..and is FREE shipping really FREE? What’s Heart Felt Play Store policy on free shipping?

How and when to wrap a gift when you order on line?

This blog post shamelessly self promotes our eCommerce store.

Holiday shopping has evolved into a whole new world I never dreamed up when I was a child and life was simple as a Sears & Roebuck * catalog. When the “normal” looking box came we kids had no idea of what was inside.

Little did we know that the elves did not tape wrapping paper over the box the night before Christmas…

Magical Christmas Display Windows and SEARS catalog

It used to be that we went to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving turkey and stuff-ing. Then Friday morning- as if it were MAGIC – the display windows around my home-town square – were decorated for Christmas. It was magical in the yes of a child.

How do wrap this large animal for Christmas?


Francis the the burro was ordered from Sears and Roebuck for Christmas. Now how to wrap that? Irene Bakehouse, Kathy, , Lisa , Julie , Nancy ( aka Malika Bourne


In 1956 or ’57 my family rented an acreage. see the burro below?

That was our Christmas present. Our father ordered Francis the burro from Sears and Roebuck.

How do wrap that and hide it in the closet for Christmas morning?

My sisters and I wonder how Santa got Francis in the sleigh.

Dad put Francis in the barn – it did not occur to us to take a peak. On Christmas morning there was a big bow on the barn door. Francis was the surprise of our young lives. ( I recommend a plush animal that you can order from eCommerce store – no hay required and no smelly barns to clean if you get my drift.)

One year my dad ordered us girls a train set from Sears…Dad’s Christmas Wish came true thanks to the magic of a catalog…and that is exactly why I encourage you to allow your children to Explore Heart Felt Play Store and use the WISH LIST. NO obligation. I do not have it in my to spam you nor push you to buy beyond your budget. I may email you a a better offer than you see…no pressure.

Sears, Wards, Penny’s would set up lovely window displays of things that could be ordered from a catalog

No Non-cents Nanna has been working like Santa’s helpers installing fine products from Melissa & Doug on our catalog pages to be DROP SHIPPED to your home in time for Christmas.

We don’t sell live animals. But, if you order a large plush animal the kids can play in the box after the un-wrapping.


Your ordered a gift on-line. How do you know how much wrapping paper to get? Can you hide the gift in the closet? -see post for how HeartFeltPlayStore helps you know if the box is bigger than a bread box.

Resource Links  on How to Wrap the Hard to Wrap Gifts

To save you time I gathered up a number of links to professional wrapping tips. Personally, I am horrible a gift wrapping- I love gift bags and tissue paper.

And to save us all time while covering the broadest of large gift wrapping ideas- I cheat- I have a Pinterest Board where I collect and hoard lots of other people ideas. Check it out!  Wrapping up The Night Before Christmas

But, what IF there are no bags big enough to stuff in something like a burro?

  • Plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree
  • New blanket or quilt that is also a gift?
  • Let the kids color a shipping box or glue on fun pictures cut out from an solicited  catalog that over stuffed your mail box? Then put the gift in the decorated box on Christmas eve.
  • If you plan on giving a vacation trip as a gift.  Pack a copy of the tickets along with travel games in a new back pack with a bow on the back pack with more gifts inside wrapped in colorful tissues paper
  • Still needs gift wrap idea? Well, I can pull out some ideas for you from my Pinterst board.

Question: But how do the elves know how much wrapping paper or gift bags to prepare for? 

Answer: They know the measurements of the packages! I am going to show you how this No Non-cents Nanna will help you plan ahead when you order from her Heart Felt Play Store


When buying a toy on -line do you know how big it will be? If you do you may be able to plan gift wrap ahead of time.


E-commerce shopping has changed the world we once knew way back in the olden days. Planning our Christmas holiday giving is different…or is it?

For one thing, when you order on-line you really need to not shop the night before Christmas. Order early or run to your local store and see what’s left on the shelves. The most perfect gifts get picked over early. posts the inventory level when it starts to run low. Not sure if you can wait for the next pay check to order?

Email us at ( Give me several days to respond, just in case 200 others are asking the same questions or the elves go on strike.)

  • Gifts are delivered in a plain brown box with out fan-fare- some elf will putting that special gift in some kind of festive wrapping paper…But,
  • How do the elves know how much wrapping paper or gift bags to prepare for?
  • Does the “company” you order from on-line tell you how much the toy weighs? How long or wide is the toy? What are the dimensions of the packing box? (Would you like to know if the giant plush T-http://Rex can be hidden for 3 weeks in you linen closet? Well, I can’t answer that question for every other eCommerce store. I can tell you we do at
  • How many days does a toy order take to process?
  • What country is the warehouse located where your order be mailed or shipped from?
  • Do the toys meet all US safety guide-lines?
  • What if the toy is recalled?
  • How do know if a cheaper product really means “cheaper” meaning lack of quality?  Or is cheaper legit?.  Read below.


When ordering on-line make sure the payment system is secure. Is there a way to contact the store owner or manager?

Will your payment on-line be safe and secure?

When I have set up my e-commerce store on Volusion I had to jump through a lot of hoops and pay a fee in order  to be a merchant with a secure payment system.

See the seal? A merchant cannot get that seal or similar secure payment system company unless a merchant does qualify.And you can check it out online.

Is there an easy way to contact the store owner or management?

As you can see the arrow on the left in the image above is the email address to 

No Non-cents Nanna keeps costs down by NOT having a business line. I do not publish my private phone #. for safety reasons… and I really don’t want to get calls in the middle of the night.

Use the email address to start the conversation. If you include you phone # and the best time to call I will call you back as soon as possible

There is no one sitting by the phone nor watching emails and Facebook messages every minute of the day. ( that keeps costs down by not having operators -who don’t care if your child wants a stegosaurus or T-Rex- No NoN-cents Nanna does care. ) standing bym for now.) So please allow up to 48 hour for a response.. The internet can go down; I could be out at an event or at the doctor’s or taking long winter’s nap.

And certainly don’t let my pretend elves play with the phone nor text.



Things to look for when buying toys on-line. This alligator SOLD out ..there is a WISH LIST –



My advice on specialty plush animals etc for Christmas gifts….

  • Buy it when you see it.
  • Add it to our WISH LIST – no obligation to buy. This does alert “us” that people want the item.
Dec 23, 2011 – Sometimes the presents you buy your friends and family come in an odd shape, making them harder to wrap. Fortunately this is a problem …

How To Wrap Oversized Gifts So They Look Sophisticated, Not Sloppy .


When purchasing a toy as a birthday gift or Christmas present on-line what are things you look for?

Since I’m a mother, grandmother, great grandmother  and an e-commerce store owner I look for qualities in that toy – not just price.


  • suggested age – choking hazard for kids under age 3?
  • materials – allergic? washable?
  • Does the product meet US standards? Lead based paint?
  • Heart Felt Play Store lists the materials and suggested age.

I have to tell you that I searched for 2 years for a good toy company that drop shipped from inside the United States. I was able to get approved to sell Melissa & Doug.

Yeah, yeah, I know you can get a knock-off for cheap on * E-bay. And you may get the safe toy cheaper or not. Melissa & Doug have restrictions as to how I can sell their product. I happily agreed to NOT sell on E Bay or Amazon below the MAP .

No Non-cents Nanna will personally be sure your order is processed and delivered as you expect – from the United States- not a cheap toy that does not meet safety standards coming on a slow boat from China. ( Beware – does the “company” you ordered from really care?. )

How to find out What Does this Toy do?

With all these new fangled tech toys – people wonder what good old fashioned puzzles, baby doll, plush animals DO?
Good toys do NOTHING!  – Except allow the child to explore and use their imagination
When you explore my store you will see on most products the benefits of the toys I sell.
Still have the question What does it do? Please email me to ask before you purchase -even if you decide not to purchase from my store.

DROP SHIP fees are covered by Heart Felt Play Store

Does that mean shipping is FREE?

Free shipping gimmick is a lie. Someone pays for the shipping. =sse post for the “free shipping” policy and opinion of Heart Felt Play Store dot .com

LOL! UPS gets paid by someone, Heart Felt Play Store- so shipping is never ever really free.

No matter how much I flirt with the postal clerks, he or she still makes my buy stamps.

  • I have absorbed the cost of shipping in my eCommerce store    price so some customers don’t have any surprises. Shipping fees, drop ship fees can get complicated depending on what is in the package- that takes us back to how much wrapping paper you will need. Do the cheapo on-line tell you the size of the shipping box?
  • Don’t you pay something like $99 for Amazon Prime? What ever fee you paid, you paid for shipping costs.
  • Heart Felt Play Store can NOT compete with high volume warehouses with low paid workers. BUT, I can be different. I can care about giving my customers personal service.

OK, I have to admit that I cringed when I typed FREE shipping on my Melissa & Doug toy pages in my catalog. it means that my store is not adding on the cost of shipping to your bill. It is already figured in.

*Ebay is cheaper…food for thought

First; think of the definition of “cheap”. If someone tries to sell you a diamond ring for 10 cents chances are it is only worth a dime. You get what you pay for.

Things can be used. They can be knock-offs. They could have “fallen off a truck” for all I know. The seller may very well be a very honest person. I don’t know. I can only be responsible for what I sell in my store. I want to encourage to in the end “make good choices.”

Below is a link to an old news story covered by NBC – but is still have relevant points to keep in mind when buying on-line. ( The same laws apply to Resale Stores, Goodwill, Arc- they have to check for safety recalls BEFORE they put out on the floor.)

eBay: Selling Recalled Products Illegal – CBS News

The bottom line
Parents need to be cautious when buying any used product — whether it’s at a yard sale, thrift store or online auction site. Take the time see if it’s been recalled. The CPSC database goes back to 1973. It only takes a minute to find out if the item you’re about to buy is dangerous. This isn’t a 100 percent foolproof system, but it’s the best you can do.


Buyer Beware: Purchasing Items From China on eBay

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