Puppy Dog Stocking Stuffers/ Party Favors

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Dog loving families in Colorado Springs, Colorado are begining to look for stocking stuffers or party favors with a puppy dog theme with out buying a live puppy..

No Non-cents Nanna offers fun and budget friendly collection with a puppy dog theme in her Heart Felt Play Store catalog. ( No onger sold on line. Close out inventory is making its way to TANTRUMS in Colorado Springs. )This collection offers inexpensive items for the kids who want have a pretend dog, when the family is not in the postion to have pet.

Keep reading Puppy Dog Stocking Stuffers/ Party Favors for where to purchase puppy dog theme items kids love and links to dog theme games; activites and more.

Heart Felt Play Store’s very own Sophie-Do_it gets to be a product tester for the on-line store. -see post for puppy dog party favors


For the best collection of over 350 pet related favor games; party favors; snack with puppy dog or kitty cat theme see No Non-cents Nanna Pinterest board It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.

Please note: all No Non-cents Nanna post with Heart Felt Play Store products are being edited. Heart Felt Play Store releuctantly closed per permanently on-line due to health issues. Remaining inventory is now being introduced for sale at TANTRUMS kids consignment in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


  1. Party Favor Dog Collar Braclets


    Puppy Dog Collars are fun to wear and share with your best friends at a puppy dog theme birthday party. Perfect for a party favor add-on with a puppy theme or a kitten/ cat theme, too. Set of 4 colorful…

  2. Hound Dog Ears and Nose Set


    Dog Nose/ Ears Headband Set Kids and kids at heart can dress-up like hound dog with this set of big hound dog ears and latex dog nose. Headband with large floppy cloth dog ears Latex dog nose with elastic string…

  3. Party Favor Puppy Note Pad


    Puppy notepads are useful party favors: classroom rewards; incentives or event swag bags. Set of 4 different puppy faces aproximately 4 inches. Cute puppy notepads will unlease your creative ideas: Take a notepad home in a doggie bag…doodle paper.  Carry in…

  4. Short Pointed Puppy Dog Ears

    Dog’s short pointed ears/ nose set Kids at heart can dress-up like the family’s pet dog with this set of short pointed dog ears and latex dog nose. Dog ears and noses are one of the HOT diggety dog HOT…

  5. 3 1/2 ” Plush Animals


     3 Cuddly Puppy Dogs This set includes 3 differnt cuddly puppy dogs*. Our 3 1/2 cuddley stuffed animals have name tags. ( Names will vary. We resrve the right to subsitute dogs.* Staff-pick for the perfect size for small gift…


    Hound Dog Ears/ Nose Set Halloween or a school play kids and kids at heart can dress-up like hound dog with this set of big hound dog ears and latex dog nose.   It’s time to start thinking stocking stuffers for…

  7. Doggy Bag

    6 piece Doggy Bag This cello doggy bag is full of fun stuff kids will love this unique pupy collection as a party favor or stocking stuffer. Cello Doggy Bag ( Not sold on anyother page) Dog Nose only (…


The beauty of buying from a one grandma owned on-line store is the opportunity to communicate to the owner what it is you really need. Don’t see what you want or you need just one more than the package offers? Feel Free to use ask.

The No Non-cents Nanna has volunteered to help the kids with crafts and simple games at Tantrums Saturday November 25, 2017 while mom shop. Tantrums is participating in SMALL Business Saturday with $1 cupcakes;  $ toy bags; $1 rack of kids clothes; 20% to 30% off of select kids clothes. and 20% off of my No Non-cents Nanna’s brand new fun stuff for kids from Heart Felt Play Store inventory.(On-line Heart Felt Play Store  has closed shop on-line.)

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