Reaching out to Families in Fountain Colorado

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This grandmother got a very shocking phone call this afternoon about an officer involved shooting in a Fountain, Colorado, a neighborhood I know very well.

No Photos will be posted as I encourage our Fountain/Fort Carson school district and Colorado Springs area to be good neighbors to the families who live on or near Legend Oak in Fountain, Colorado. Let’s respect the families’ privacy.


First: I am grateful all the children walking home from school are safe.

  • I want to encourage Fountain parents to put your arms around the children who were on the scene.
  • Tell them how very much you love them.
  • Tell them that the police officers kept them safe and you will do every thing you can to keep them safe as well.


As I was trying to glean information on the internet about the shooting, I noted some not helpful comments about this very nice neighborhood.

NOT APPROPRIATE to slinging around opinions at this time.

We need to be good neighbors and support these families who lives have been disrupted in order to help these traumatized children who witnessed all the emergency vehicles and heard the sirens blaring as they walked home from school in this quite neighborhood.

Now is the time to LISTEN to those who are trying to sort out this tragedy.



I want to send you my love along with some links to good resources that parents in Fountain (Mesa School ) may want to skim through tonight.

I suggest to loved ones of families in the Mesa school neighborhood check these resources or similar to be prepared to support those who were too close for comfort to this tragic shooting.

I will quote some things your children will be experiencing tonight and in the future that are “normal”. The source is Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

  • Please DON”T tell the kids who were walking home from school to “GET OVER IT!”
  • Tomorrow will be tough for many elementary school kids. I hope the Fountain/Fort Carson school district will provide counseling to help these young witnesses feel safe once again.
  • Try to keep the TV news from blaring non stop about this.
  • Protect your children first, When there is something you must know the authorities will let you know.
  • Ignore any gossip that may start in order for the children to feel safe.

These tips are important for children and adolescents of all ages:

  • Reassure them that you’ll do everything you can to keep them and their loved ones safe.
  • Encourage them to talk and ask questions
  • Let them know that they can be open about their feelings.
  • Answer questions honestly.
  • Protect them from what they don’t need to know.
  • Avoid discussing worst-case scenarios.
  • Limit excessive watching and listening to graphic replays of the traumatic event
  • Stick to your daily routine as much as possible.

Most children and teenagers will recover from their fear. But you can watch for these signs of ongoing distress:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Change in eating habits
  • Clinginess
  • Re-experiencing the event through nightmares, recollections, or play
  • Avoidance anything reminiscent of the event
  • Emotional numbing or lack of feeling about the event
  • Jumpiness
  • Persistent fears about another disaster


As a former neighbor who walked children home from school on that same street for many days, my heart goes out to you. I hope this helps you get through the horrific ordeal tonight.


I am Malika Bourne aka No Non-cents Nanna

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