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Sneak Peak at Heart Felt Play Store Theme Collections

Hi, I’m Malika Bourne, the owner of an on line store selling cool  stuff for kids that have foundations for learning.

I’m excited you dropped by my No Non-cents Nanna website and blog because…you get updated sneak peaks of my  Heart Felt Play Store Catalog along with an updated list on my fun filled collections that kids ages 3 to 10 love. Parents don’t have to tell the kids about the educational value unless you want to.

Watch us grow! New products are being added weekly. 

Heart Felt Play Store Kids love the Fun Collection. Moms and tachers love the affordable prices for conviently gathered collection of kids favorite themes. Start earning COOL BEANS rewards now.

 Updated August 31, 2017

Heart Felt Collections: Clickable links below

  1. Dinosaurs

    Kids love to play with dinosaurs.



  2. Kids love to learn with the dinosaur theme. Heart Felt Play Store is the place to go to order from a collection of dinosuar masks; dinosaur bone; dinostattoos, dinosaur stickers and more…when you want dinosaurs in smaller quantiites than a dozen or a gross.


    Dinosaur stuff makes extraordinary stocking stuffers and holiday gifts. Check back to No NOn-cents Nannas’ blogs for updates on our Christmas boxes.

    Top Selling Dinsaur Masks!

    Foam dinosaur masks sold on No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify.

    Dinosaur mask set, dinosaur figures; dinosaur stickers; dinosaur shirts; dinosaur tails; foam mask: dramatic play/ dress-up…party favors…New in the dinosaurs department .. dinosaur tails  dinosaur excavation kits: Pterodactyl wings: dragon wings


    Get your TAILS over HERE…Clip-on Dinosaur Tails  that is, and HERE and HERE to view catalog page.

    Dinosaurs tails are availabl ein limited quantites in purple, green or red.

    New Discoveries in Dinosaurs.


    Dinosaur excavation it from Heart Felt Play Store are sold by the kit so you don’t have to buy more than you need.



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  3. Tattoos and Stickers

    Moms and Dads, are your kids asking for mail with their name on it?

    For some FUN mail, that is not a BILL contact the No Non-cents Nanna to personally arrange for regular mail with tattoos or stickers addressed with your child’s name on it. Start the conversating by using the contact form on the lower right of any Heart Felt Play Store catalog page. 

    You may recive an exclusive DISCOUNT Code created only for you and your closest family and friends should you chose to accept it.- You can’t get taht discount unless you ask for it!


    Selection of temporary tattoos by the collection or by the sheet mailed to your house in a fun envelope with your child’s name on it by your request mom and dad. See Heart Felt Play Store for details.


    Sticker help learn the facts of life about the life cycle of the butterfly. Hert Felt Play Store sells individual sticker sheets – See haert FElt Play Store for fun bug collections that help kids learn. Mix and match

    Clck HERE to view all the current stickers in stock sold by the sheet fo small quantities so you don’t have to buy more than you need for the birthday party.

    Click HERE to buy all the current temporary tattoos in current inventory in Heart Felt Play Store.

    Click HERE for the FACTS of LIFE for Kids Stickers blog post.


    Please note: stickers and tattoos are now priced to include shipping.

    Nothing is perfect, even the the automatic shipping charges with so many variables that affect shiipping costs. No Non-cents Nanna is on top of that. Should there be an over charge in shipping expences ( postage and envelopes or packaging) you will be refunded a nice portion of the charges. The shipping prices were added for ease in figuring when mom’s let the kids use theri allowance credit to get som esticker or tattoss in the mail with their name on it. Ordering mulitples of stickers and tattoos wil most likely result in an over charge will will be promptly refunded…No Non-cents Nanna’s old fashioned rules include looking after our budget with the personal touch.

    Always feel free to use the contact form to start the conversation. Please note Heart Felt Play Store is a one grandma operation who knows how to keep costs down…no staff is standing by… so please allow up to one business day for a personal responce.

    Manufactured for OTC in China. None of Heart Felt Play Store inventory is ever dropped shipped as is the coming trend. All orders are mailed directely from Heart Felt Play Store home in Colorado. All merchasdise is personally inspected and repackaged in smaller quantities by the No Non-cents Nanna herself.

  4. Dramatic Play Costumes and props

    Dressing up for dramatic play is such an important part of early child hood learning.

    Community Helpers: Farm; Pirate; Princess; Jungle Safari; Dinosuars are our specialty at Heart Felt Play Store.

    New items added weekly to all collections. Watch us grow at Heart Felt Play Store!

    Click HERE to see tiny images with clickable links to mask, head bands with ears , tails, or capes…and maybe more.  101 Affordable Dramatic Play Costumes and Props for Kids

    New  Princess tutus and crown are ready for Christmas Boxes.


    2 piece Princess in Lavender
    Little girls will love to decorate their very own lavender princess tiara to wear with this adorable lavender tulle skirt. Great photo prop.
    Tulle skirt ties on at the waist with two 13 1/2 ” ties to accomodate 24″ to 36″ waist lines. Fits most child sizes. ( Add a 2nd tutu skirt for us Big Girls like mom and grandma who still play dress-up like the grandkids.)
    The tulle skirt is 17 1/4″ long.
    This foam crown has pre-cut design ready to punch out then decorate. We suggest small stick-on jewels; glue and glitter; markers.



    Why did the pig cross the road? It’s a joke! Need apig nose and pair of ears? Heart Felt Play Store



    Want to dress lieka pirate kids? heart Felt Play Store is place to find a samll treasure trove of individaul pieces of pirate dress-up. Don’t see waht you want? Use the contact form on Heart Felt Play Store catalog.




    Please read our Shipping Policy:

    • Tho’ most Heart Felt Play Store orders happily arrive within 3 to 5 days at our customers doors, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in case of Murphy’s Law.
    • Mailed from USPS directly from Heart Felt Play Store in Colorado.
    • Add shippping and applicable taxes. FREE shipping for orders over $39.
    • Start earning COOL BEANS points today with your purchase.


    Farm Animal collection on Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify.

    Farm animal things kids enjoy learning about, playing with or wearing.

    Cow, pig; lamb; horse; duck; dog; cat; sheep.

    foam visor: foam mask; bandanas; farm treat box; party favor; tails; ears’ stickers

    For farm animal theme resources check out No Non-cents Nanna’s blog post

    Farm Animal Theme Inspiration for Kids Play: Resource List

  5. Hats and Headbands

    Tiger ears head band make a fun dress-up costume. Also grab a tiger tail from Heart Felt Play Store. See psot for links to purchase more animal headbands.

    Elephant visor sold by foam “head” from Heart Felt Play Store catalog. -See post for details on purchase link


    Wild and wacky headsbands uniquely created for those folks who like a little bit CRAZY!

    Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike as party favors; silly gifts: dress-up for fun; costumes for plays and even APRILS FOOLS!

    Follow Wild and Wacky Headbands for Crazy Daze! on Pinterest


     You may have already read the following…not updated from the original publishing.

    Perfect for a pirate party for the kids: a Treasue map; gold coins, the skull and cross bone plastic priate flag, jewels and more… May be sold in money saving colelction or in bundles..or may be sold out.. then it is time to Pm owner of Heart Felt Play Store owner, Mlaika Bourne what treasure ye seek.

    Collections of pirate party loot: hats; eye patches; fake gold coins; props; ship wrecked shirts; skeletons -not real ones; tresaure maps; falgs; message in bottles.

    Sold seperately or in money saving collections.

    Be ware! Stock is limited!

    Mad Hatter Collection from Heart Felt Play Store is getting bigger.

    Mad Hatter inspired colletion of wild and whacky hats and head bands.

    Each hat/ headband are uniquely hand-crafted. Many designs are one-of-a-kind that will not ever be duplicated. Other designs will have similar items.

    Sold on-line from No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart felt Play Store all year’ ’round.

    This collection was inspired for the Mad Hatter Day annual event in Old Colorado City.


    Will accept custom orders by size with 30 day advance pre-orders. Current stock is very limited but expanding. Inventory can sell out in a very short time because we have Shopify’s BUYABLE Pins on Pinterest.

  6. Party Favor Add-on’s

    Heart Felt Play Store party favor themes inventory changes often.

    If you don’t see what you want: start the conversation by using the contact form on any catalog page. this blog blog is a self promo-advertisement for Heart Felt Play Store to tempt you to explore the store fro a variety of DY bracelets; finger puppets, masks and More & More…..

    No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Plays Store for dramtic play; dressup; party favors ;fun small motor manipulative collections and more!

    Every party needs a little theme related treat for the guests to take home as a “Thank you for coming”.

    Heart Felt Play Store gathers theme related party favors so moms and dads can spend their valuable time focusing on the kid’s big event versus driving around to 3 or 4 stores to find a certian theme.

    No Non-cents Nanna suggests party favors as add-on’s to a larger order as the minimum shpping fee starts at $4.

    Heart Felt Play Store is working toward larger inventory of themes. Thanks you for patience as we grow to meet your family needs for fun stuff the Heart Felt wya.

  7. Pet Inspired Collection

    Heart Felt Play Store for pet inspired colelction; farm animal colelction or jungle animal collections of masks, ears, noses or tails. -see post for links and discount CODE

    Dramatic play as our pets with animals noses and ears on headbands: dogs and cats.
  8. Princess Collection

    Heart Felt Play Store Princess Collection has Rapunzel inspired long yarn headband wigs; and many more priencess isnpired items to come. Some are uniquely hand crafted for your little princess..

  9. Little girls love to dress-up like princess, future queens: crowns, hats, wigs, capes, jewelry:

     The Princess Collection encourages the use of imagination with colors, textures of fabric; simplicity and bling.

    11. Sensory Play Sets are changing often at Heart Fetl Play store. Don’t see what youneed? Start the conversation via Messenger  with No NOn-cents Nanna, personally, by using the CONTACT FORM on any catalog page.


    Dinosaur Sesnory Play Box from Heart Felt Play Store: various sizes and textures of plastic dinosaurs; frog moss to dig thru’, rocks, plastic trees. See post

    Coming soon!

    Check out No Non-cents Nanna’s Pinterest board: Sensory activites/ paying attention 

    Heart Felt Play Store is in the process of gathering themed items and creating new sensory play bags to save you, parents and teachers time.

    Check out these posts showing some previous sensory play collections which are sold out:

    Dinosaur Sensory Play Box from Heart Felt Play Store 

    Limited stock available April 14, 2017. 

    12.T-shirts includes vests and tops

    Short sleeveT-shirts: Unique Colorado t-shirts adult sizes only

    Build a web site like this one with
    Nanna's Website Hosting

    Get a 20% discount on any of our shared hosting plans using the promo code nanna20

    Hand-crafted: Dinosaur T-shirts child sizes; Territory Days Western T-shirts; Territory Days Cowboy Vests; Ship Wrecked Pirate T-shirts; Peter Pan-inspired T-shirts; Woodland Fairy T-shirts: Gingerbread Man T-shirts


    Tropical Island Collection for Kids

    Sophie-do-It Doll model a Heart Felt Mermaid apron.

    The Hawiian Tropical Island theme may encourage kids to learn about a different climate and geography from where they live.

    Under the Sea Theme

    OOPS! This collection is being updated..don’t see what you want? Start the conversation with No Non-cents Nanna vias Messenger on each catalog page CONTACT FORM is on the lower right. Pleasae allow one business day for responce from this one grand ma operation.

    There are so many opportunities for sensory play bags for boys and girls with items like : sea shell; plastic or cloth fish; beads and flowers to string and more…

    Little girls will love hula skirt inspired felt leaves aprons and the felt flower head garlands.

    Have you used the WISH LIST, yet, on Heart Felt Play Store? this gives No Non-cents Nanna the heads-up..and gets you an exclusive DSICOUNT CODE.


    Heart Felt Play Store is updating and bring back the Lilo and Stitch and Tropical Island inspired dres-up clothes along with updated sensory play to meet the demand for Moana inspired theme for this collection.



Kids will love the newest products on Heart Felt Play Store.


All of these include elements of

  • dramatic play; lots of dress up accesories in the making.
  • small motor manipulatives;
  • math,
  • science,
  • imagination,
  • fun,
  • safety and
  • affordability.

Plus I collect more links that will inspire you how to use my fun kid theme products.

Fell free to browse through my blog posts and share with your friends and family by pinning to your favorite boards.

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  • I photograph and edited all of my own images.
  • I write all of my own descriptions and tag the products.( Ignore the typos, my trademark.) It is a lot of rewarding work and midnight oil.
  • I still lhave a lot of images and descriptions to add, so, thank you for your patience. ( Oh,yeah! Typos to catch and fix, too!)


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