Kids Will Love Exclusive New T-shirt Designs coming to Heart Felt Play Store

Discontinued Black cat T-shirt, hand-crafted curly black cat tail with foam black and white cat mask for the kids dress-up closet. hand crated T-shirt will be repalced by a very nice printed cat T-shirt in several colors. See post for updates.

What will your chid wear with a pair of cat ears, dinosaur tail or cow bandanna or horse visor? How about an exclusive T-shirt from Heart Felt Play Store that is so new it is not off the silk screen press yet? You heard about the new T-shirt before any one else has.

Images available in early October. Grown up size T-shirts may be special ordered for a few extra dollars and a few extra days. allow up to 2 weeks, but may be less depending on the weather.

The kids are going to love the new exclusive T-shirts coming soon to No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store just in time for very affordable Halloween T-shirt / masks or ears and tails costumes. These T-shirts can be worn every day of the year between washings.  READ MORE