Update on Disasterous Partisan Tax Plan for Social Security Disability, Meal on Wheels, Disability Employment Services

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Congress are pursuing would be nothing short of a disaster for people with disabilities. The latest attack comes in the form of their partisan tax plan, which passed the House on November 16 and is set to be voted on in the Senate as soon as this week. –https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/disability/news/2017/11/27/443277/republican-tax-plan-tax-disability/​ #TaxOnDisability #Medicaid, #Medicare, #Social Security, #housing

Is is possible that you or a loved one may need SSDI now or in the future? Proposed taxes may be disaterous.

We have paid into the system when our paychecks were issued. We expect benefits to be available, don’t we?

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Well there are still efforts by law makers to make changes in benefits to last case sceanrio benefits for our senior citezens, disabled, and employees who may become.