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The Hand Writing on the Wall, the Doll, the Legs…

To lots like lots and lots of ink...

Tots like to “write” with lots and lots of ink…

Learning to “write” is an exciting adventure for most children.

If you are the parent of  a 3 to 6 year old be FORE WARNED!

Even very well supervised and best behaved child will practice every chance they get on anything and  everything available;

  • walls;
  • dolls;
  • legs and more…

If they get a hankering to draw they will find a way to mark on something.  No, drawing on other things than paper is NOT OK, but, it is normal behavior to want to see their art work and their name marking lots and lots of items.



How to Talk to Your Child About Their Art work; and how NOT to.

Have you ever made a “yelling thing”from and empty paper towel roll?

Oh the things you can do with an empty paper towel tube!

The little ones can find many creative ways to use an empty paper towel tubes: like for YELLING Things!!!! as this 4 year old says.

Look! She decorated her YELLING Thing all by herself using markers!

Isn’ the YELLING Thing precious? I think so because the 4 year old created this with her imagination using the skill level she has acquired up to today.