Early Childhood Development and Finger Plays Go Hand in Hand

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For the love of finger plays this post shares 10 links to dozens of the best fingerplays shared on Pinterest and 8 more reasons why great pre-school teachers use finger plays to teach in the class room.

  1. Those of us who teach kids finger plays understand the value of rhythm and rhyme in the learning process.
  2. Finger plays can go every where when a child uses his/ her hands and fingers.
  3. For increased sensory involvement add cut out felt shapes; coloring book pages; or store bought finger puppets.
  4. No Non-cents Nanna’s HEART FELT PLAY STORE creates sets of sensory play items with your child in mind.
  5. Kids can memorizes a nursery poem or finger play then when they read that poem in a book they can begin picking out the word on the page.

6. Children feel the sense of a happy community when chanting familiar words with peers.

No Non-cents Nanna on Making Good Choices

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This old No Non-cents Nanna knows that life is ALL about making choices.

She encorages parents to please teach your chidlren to take responcibility for their own actions by setting the example. Care-givers, teachers and parents can use a few little tricks of the child care trade to help children make good behavior choices. Links to behavior mangement; rules; and transition ideas are listed at teh bottm of this post.