Cause AWARENESS for Kids is Encouraged by Heart Felt Play Store

Awareness for a good cause for kids stickers, bracelets, temporary tattoos, bandannas, pencils, keychains and more & more in small quantities. Perfect for lunch box notes, no sugar trick or treats, stocking stuffers… available in October 2017 from Heart Felt Play Store.

Owner of Heart Felt Play Store tells parents, “You can encourage your child to help others be aware of childhood causes with fun little token they will love to wear or use.”

Awareness stickers, temporary tattoos, bandannas, pencils, bracelets and more & more will be added beginning October 2017 to the inventory of Heart Felt Play Store a few pieces at a time.

Parents and grandparents may not want to buy 3 dozen or a gross of token reminder for the children that good character is valable. The very small one grandma on-line store only sells in small quantities, unless requested. These fun awareness items would make a nice addition to your child’s teachers reward jar. READ MORE