Confessions of Re-creater: Critter Caps Kids Love!

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No Non-cents Nanna is enjoying re-creating baseball caps into dinosaurs and other Critter Caps of the fun kind.

Please note: all No Non-cents Nanna blog posts are in process of being eidited due to closing of Heart Felt Play Son line.

I admit:

  • I was nervous about hot gluing the felt triangles and googly eyes onto the centers of the baseball caps. *Even nimble fingers can get burned. OUCH! The snaggle teeth were a piece of cake, though.
  • I was inspired with the courage to hot glue by a number of Pins on PInterest, but I did my own thing as far as design.
  • Yes, you can DIY yourself for much cheaper than I will charge at local Colorado Springs events and on my Heart Felt Play Store on Shopify, **but do you have the time? 

*If you are thinking about kids making this as a craft: I will discourage use of the hot