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More Good Reasons to do Finger Plays with Kids


Continuing on from my last few No Non-cents Nanna blog posts I have been sharing good reasons to do finger plays with the kids, besides the fact that kids love to chat those rhymming words and use their little fingers to make motions.

  • Using the fingers in finger plays help develop small motor muscles.

Does your child know this finger play:


author unknown

(You may substitue any color of balloon.) READ MORE


3 More Reasons that Finger Plays are Good Ideas for Little Kids

Learning experiences are enhanced when as many senses are incorporated in that lesson. This is especially true with young children who are learning basic concepts about the world around them.

The use of Finger Plays involves a number of the senses. This post is a continuation of a previous post: Working in Early Childhood Development and Finger Plays go Hand in Hand READ MORE


No Non-cents Nanna Letter to Colorado Springs Child Care Providers

Hey there Colorado Springs neighbors I am starting a new sensory play business!

The following letter of introduction will be emailed and dropped off at DayCare Business in my Colorado Springs neighborhood sharing a few of the services I have to offer busy day care providers and more.

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Sensory Play Activities

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