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Starting to Learn Finger Plays with Felt Shapes.

Pre-Kindergarten FELT starter kit.

Pre-Kindergarten FELT starter kit.

Reciting finger plays with a little something to hold in lttle hands is not only great fun for young children, but, also has many benefits for growth.

DIY felt finger play shapes are affordable and perfect for new teachers or young home school families. See example below.

This post shares 3 fingerplay kids love to chant.

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More Good Reasons to Do Finger Plays with Kids

Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes and songs may seen silly to some, but they are really great teaching tools for young children. By the way, college students use silly songs to help them memorize for tests.

This post will share 3 more good reasons WHY early childhood educators teach rhyming songs and fingerplays to young children; 3 more fingerplays; and links to 5 more of the Best finger play PINs on Pinterest; 4 links to kids favorite theme finger puppets. READ MORE


3 More Reasons that Finger Plays are Good Ideas for Little Kids

Learning experiences are enhanced when as many senses are incorporated in that lesson. This is especially true with young children who are learning basic concepts about the world around them.

The use of Finger Plays involves a number of the senses. This post is a continuation of a previous post: Working in Early Childhood Development and Finger Plays go Hand in Hand READ MORE