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Reaching out to Families in Fountain Colorado

This grandmother got a very shocking phone call this afternoon about an officer involved shooting in a Fountain, Colorado, a neighborhood I know very well.

No Photos will be posted as I encourage our Fountain/Fort Carson school district and Colorado Springs area to be good  neighbors to the families who live on or near Legend Oak in Fountain, Colorado. Let’s respect the families’ privacy. READ MORE


What to do with Empty Water Bottles: Repurpose to Sensory Bottles

Don’t over fill the flowing the land fills with plastic! Make Senosry bottles instead.-See post for permission to pin.copy right MalikaBourne 2015

What to do..what to do with empty water bottles? I know! …Sensory Bottles!

When I am out and about like at Fresh Friday in Colorado Springs I  will take bottles of water with me. I sure don’t like over flowing our country’s landfills with plastic, so I use glasses at home.

To a very neat grown up these sensory bottles may leave them scratching their heads wondering…uh? READ MORE