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What Can YOU Make with Duct Tape that LOOKS Like Burlap?

DUCT TAPE burlap 20150908_141753

I can make a re-purposed vase from an Ovlatine jar and Duct Tape that looks like burlap

I don’t know about your dad and you ,but my dad made sure I never left home with out a ROLL of DUCT TAPE in my car.

Well, my late father was as smart as he was creative – and I got some of his genes. He would so proud to know  how creative I have gotten with really cool looking DUCT  TAPE. READ MORE


What is Cuter Than a Bugs Ear and RePurposed with Duct Tape?


Home Made Craft Bee is Sweeter than Honey

Home made bee made from scraps of material: electric tape and a toothpick. This bee has no sting and is sweeter than honey? copyright 2015 Malika Bourne -SEE POST / leave comment to PIN,please. Malika

What is sweeter than the honey from a bee?

A material bee with a tooth stinger!

This bee is so simplistic it makes my grand daughters smile.

It was made from left-overs!

I was making fun stuff to look at things in jars from scraps pf this and that when I came up with making a bee  for scene with a Winnie the Pooh Iron-on.

I was in luck when when I had black tape in my tool box. READ MORE