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Not So Creepy Pirate Dress-up Clothes

Arg! She spy some hidden treasure with her tiny telescope. heart Felt Play store teasure that is.

Playing pirate does not have to be creeepy nor cut some one with sword. Pirate parties can be fun.

Kids can count fake gold coins: walk the plank ( a balance beam): or go on a treasure hunt for fun party favors.

Check out my Pirates ARG! Pinterest board for swashbuckling ideas for the kids.

These pirate dress-up clothes are a steal of a deal from Heart Felt Play Store. (Editor note: Heart Felt Play Store is no longer local. But, is expanding on-line via Shopify. Edited March 1, 2017)



Pirate Party at No Non-cents Nanna’s Felt Play Store

Birthday parties with dramatic play is an important part of childhood. Boys and girls love to pretend to be pirates who hunt for hidden treasure of gold and jewels.

No Non-cents Nanna has hand made felt pirate hats in blue or pink and gathered the loot to save busy parents time and money to delight their 4 to 10 year old’s imaginations. Items are fun for dramatic play for kids over age 3.