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The Hand Writing on the Wall, the Doll, the Legs…

EVery child will practice drawing or writing on EVERYTHING! Take a chill pill parents..I know you used a marker on the walls too.

Learning to “write” is an exciting adventure for most children.

If you are the parent of  a 3 to 6 year old be FORE WARNED!

Even very well supervised and best behaved child will practice every chance they get on anything and  everything available;

  • walls;
  • dolls;
  • legs and more…

If they get a hankering to draw they will find a way to mark on something.  No, drawing on other things than paper is NOT OK, but, it is normal behavior to want to see their art work and their name marking lots and lots of items. READ MORE


What is Cuter Than a Bugs Ear and RePurposed with Duct Tape?


Home Made Craft Bee is Sweeter than Honey

Home made bee made from scraps of material: electric tape and a toothpick. This bee has no sting and is sweeter than honey? copyright 2015 Malika Bourne -SEE POST / leave comment to PIN,please. Malika

What is sweeter than the honey from a bee?

A material bee with a tooth stinger!

This bee is so simplistic it makes my grand daughters smile.

It was made from left-overs!

I was making fun stuff to look at things in jars from scraps pf this and that when I came up with making a bee  for scene with a Winnie the Pooh Iron-on.

I was in luck when when I had black tape in my tool box. READ MORE