Need Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings?

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Need DRAGON parts and Pterodactyl Wings Parts? We have good news and sad news…

If you have been searching for  Dragon Parts or Pterodactyl Wings on Heart Felt Play Store.. we have sad news… our dinosaurs wings and tails are nearly extinct… really…the tail end of our dinosaur costumes are no

Going on a Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store

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Dragon/ Dinosaur Set
Gloves, Dragon/ Dinosaur Wings sold separately while supply lasts -see post

Won’t you join us on a very short Dinosaur Hunt at Heart Felt Play Store?

Just for fun the No Non-cents Nanna explores the back yard with her compass and binoculars to make an amazing discovery hiding in the bushes: dinosaur tails. YIKES!  Enjoy the short video below.

If dinosaur tails weren’t a big enough find, now, No