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Pirate Costumes and Real People with Disabilites

Pirate cosutume aplenty creted for Heart Felt Play Store: Springs Spree and Creative Expression Colorado Springs Colorado. Post discusses debilitates versus hooks and peg leg.

Pirate costume aplenty created for Heart Felt Play Store:

As, I am finishing up dramatic play pirate costumes, I am very hesitant about missing sales over the pirate hooks and peg legs we tend to associate with the pirate party themes.

Why? Because the loss of limb is not fun. I never want children to get the wrong ideas about disabilities.

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Dramatic play and dress up or playing the part of a character are different matters from real life where our love ones may have lots an arm, a leg or an eye. We want to be sensitive to their needs and feelings. READ MORE


No No-cents Nanna Makes Statment about CLAIMS Made on-line by Bloggers Websites

This old No Non-cents Nanna sure loves to help empower moms and dads in the Fountain/ Fort Carson,Colorado Springs area  and on-line folks in cyber space to make good choices for their families. I strive to NEVER make CLAIMS to make a buck. Some blogs and websites are in for some stormy weather and I’m edting all my blogs posts I’ll explain. READ MORE