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Pirate Costumes and Real People with Disabilites

Pirate cosutume aplenty creted for Heart Felt Play Store: Springs Spree and Creative Expression Colorado Springs Colorado. Post discusses debilitates versus hooks and peg leg.

Pirate costume aplenty created for Heart Felt Play Store:

As, I am finishing up dramatic play pirate costumes, I am very hesitant about missing sales over the pirate hooks and peg legs we tend to associate with the pirate party themes.

Why? Because the loss of limb is not fun. I never want children to get the wrong ideas about disabilities.

Watch Us Grow at Heart Felt Play Store –

Dramatic play and dress up or playing the part of a character are different matters from real life where our love ones may have lots an arm, a leg or an eye. We want to be sensitive to their needs and feelings. READ MORE


Sneak Peak at Heart Felt Play Store Theme Collections

 Malika Bourne, the owner of  on line Heart Felt Play Store announces the CLOSING of the on-line store due to family health issues.

We were selling cool  stuff for kids that have foundations for learningRemaining inventory is on consignment at local KIDS consignments store in Colorado Springs. All No Non-cents Nanna blog posts are in the process of being edited to delete clickable links that sent you to the store.

I’m excited you dropped by my No Non-cents Nanna website and blog because…you get updated sneak peak of a few items that are currently on consignment at TANTRUMS kids consignment in Colorado Spings Coloardao.along with an updated list on my fun filled collections that kids ages 3 to 10 love. Parents don’t have to tell the kids about the educational value unless you want to. READ MORE