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A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

Rusty Dog Tee-shirt set with co-ordianitng colors of dog ears and dog nose. Sold On-line Heart Felt Play Store Tee-shirt Set:

When you need a cheap dress-up costume for a school skit or a birthday party activity that the kids will remember and wear long after the gift wraping paper is throw away this short video below will give you some inspiring ways to use basic TEE-shirts a pair of animal ears a tail or maybe a  a visor with a cut animal face..

Since, I Malika Bourne, is the typo-ing writer of this No Non-cents Nanna blog and the owner of No Non-cents Nanna’s Heart Felt Play Store…and very frugal Sophie-Do-it and I made this very quick no budget video to shamelessly self promote Heart Felt Plays Store new Basic Tee-shirt line and our dinosaur animal ears, noses, tails accessories and tutus and fairy wings. READ MORE


Snowman that Doesn’t Melt: It’s Felt

Who wants to build a snowman inside where it’s warm?

I’m curious about how many little kids are singing, “Do you Want to Build a Snowman” from Disney’s movie Fozen. I know, our family sings that song over and over whether or not  I wear the snowman suit made of felt that won’t melt.

With temperatures dropping and snow on the mountain tops its time to start thinking about gathering fake snow for crafts big and small; singing some songs about snow and playing some bone chilling games with out even goin gout side in the freezing cold and snow. READ MORE


Sensory Overload of Kid Activities to be Unveiled at Local Colorado Springs Events

Sneak peak at affordable felt busy bag activities...stay tune for sneak peak at Sensory Play Catalog (made lovingly the No Non-cents Nanna way) coming soon.

Sneak peak at affordable felt busy bag activities…stay in touch for sneak peak at Sensory Play Catalog (made lovingly the No Non-cents Nanna way) coming soon.

No Non-cents Nanna has an announcement,or 2, for her Colorado Springs parent and pres-school teacher neighbors about up coming events and family fun craft items!

First: This post will direct families in the Colorado Springs area to the best of the best  Holiday Vendor Crafts shows from Halloween to Christmas..

… and of course No Non-cents Nanna will be a vendor displaying what she does best- Fun Sensory Stuff for Kids! READ MORE