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Silly Socks Take over Heart Felt Play Store Overnight

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Pretend dinosaur legs

Pretend dinosaur legs Just the imagination of No Non-cents Nanna’s head as colorful adult womens socks were shortened to fit kids feet and spikes were sewn into dinosaur spines.

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In the early morning hours silly pairs of ¬†dinosaur socks appeared on the catalog of Heart Felt Play Store. Was it by magic? No, it was the Shopify’s ¬†technology used by Heart Felt Play Store.

Silly socks will be POPPIN-up at Colorado Springs events in JULY.

Heart Felt Play Store Closed

during relocation until July 4, 2017

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Sock History according to Nanna

In days of old when No Non-cents Nanna was young, socks were used to keep feet warm and protect our heels from blistering in our shoes. When a well worn sock got a hole in the heel we might make a sock puppet with one and dust the dresser with the other one.