More then Your Ever Expected to Know About Heart Felt Play Store Does Business

If you are from Iowa Ken Rene’ Studio may have done all of your family photography. Nancy Bakehouse the little one is a clothe diaper in the image is now a great grandmother with new business Heart Felt Play Store and new “pen” name. -see post ABOUT Heart Felt Play Store early beginings developed her current business policies.

 I’m a Baby Boomer born in 1950. I grew up at my father’s feet literally in a family photography business, Ken Rene’ Studio in a small county seat of Washington, Iowa. “Mom and Pop” entrepeneurship was developed in my blood still influencing my on-line Heart Felt Play Store business policies today.

This post will spell out how the old fashioned business policies that the founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne, tries to continue for  her customers in this new age of technology.

Even though her peers are retiring Bourne opened a small on-line store through Shopify 2 years ago, come November. Let me tell  life has changed with all this new fangled technology the way we do business now in 2017. The old fashioned way of personal service never broke…it just got lost with new expectations of speedy delivery. READ MORE