More Not So Creepy Dress-up Clothes: Kids Mermaid Tail Aprons

Girls and boys alike love watching the trending kids movies. A number of those popular movies have Mermaids and Mermen. Of course the kids want to act out swimming like fish.

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Swimming with a mermaid tail currently on the market comes with risks needing a certain level of swimming profeciency. In reality many kids only want to pretend. That is why Heart Felt Play Store makes mermaid aprons. Coming SOON a new version of the tail fins for teh mermaid tails. Our very own Sophi-Do-It still wants to crawl inside the the apron when she dons her mermaid tail….not safe to hobble around liek a fish out of water… There will be a new ankle fins set coming soon. (Still organzing after a long hot move for our home and store.