Tax on Disability – Update

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As a member of CCD in Colorado I recieve upates on concerns for people with disabilites. I have been following the proposed Healthcare bills via emails from Julie Reiskin in Colorado.

Below I copy and pasted the latest  urgent email concerning #TaxOnDisability. I hope will will social share then take appropriate action to voice your concerns as to what you bleive is just and right for America.

I know that many  adults with pre-concieved judgemental opinions will want to ignore the parts on disability in the healthcare proposal, simply because they have nothing to do with “handi-capped” and “lazy welfare”.


We are all entitled to our opinions, and I am certainy opinionated, myself.  But, pre-convieved notions are NOT FACTS. These bills, for better or worse will affect every man, woman and child in the United States, if not today but in the future, regardless of ecomonic or social status. Life can turn on a dime for anyone thus affecting health. Serious illness, an accidental injury is not a choice. Bad things happen to good people minding their own business. As Americans we need to be certain our fellow and most vulnerable Americans are cared for in time of need.

I urge you, followers, to spread the word. If we chose to do NOTHING, remember the 1930’s world history in Germany  when good people did NOTHING. Now is the time to speak up before history is repeated.


Dear Members:


This alert comes from a trusted source, Alison Barkof from the Center for Public Representation–please read, use the links and respond

As everyone is probably aware by now, the conference committee passed out of committee the final bill, and the House and Senate will vote early next week (vote on Tuesday in the House 1st).  While we are very disappointed that it appears that both the Senate and House have the votes to pass this bill, it is critical that we make continue to loudly oppose this bill and the forthcoming attempts to cut to Medicaid, Medicare and other critical programs to pay for it.  This makes Monday’s national disability call-in day and Thunderclap even more important.  Please join in and share widely National Call in Day on Monday(see Facebook and Website).  The event include a  Thunderclap at noon on Monday.
Thank you for all of advocacy you have done.  As described below, some of the specific tax provisions that hurt people with disabilities the most in the Senate and/or House bills have been changed.  Of course, the $1.45 trillion decrease in revenue — and the cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and other programs that will follow — still remain a top concern and reason to strongly oppose this bill.
A couple resources in addition to the ones included in the update below:
*  Video from Rooted in Rights about how the bill is a #TaxOnDisability (it is based on the final bill).  Please spread widely.

*  New blog from Families USA:   The Tax Bill Is Bad for America’s Healt

Thanks for all of your advocacy.  Keep it up!


TO:  All of CCD

FROM:  Fiscal Policy Co-chairs


More Information on the Final Tax Bill:
Individual Mandate under ACA is repealed

“Elimination of Shared Responsibility Payment for Individuals Failing to Maintain Minimal Essential Coverage. The conference agreement follows the Senate amendment.” (p 153)

Disabled Access Credit is kept

“Repeal of credit for expenditures to provide access to disabled individuals. … The conference agreement does not follow the House bill provision.” (p 290)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit is kept

“Repeal of work opportunity tax credit. … The conference agreement does not follow the House bill provision.” (p 285)

Orphan Drug credit is reduced to 25%

“Repeal of credit for clinical testing expenses for certain drugs for rare diseases or conditions. … The conference agreement follows the Senate amendment, but reduces the credit rate to 25 percent of qualified clinical testing expenses.” (p 282)


Forwarded from MOVE ON:

Ady Barkan in many ways is now the face of the fight against the #GOPTaxScam. You’ve seen him on CNN, MSNBC, and all over your social media. He’s a hero, and we have the opportunity to have his back.

Monday is Ady’s birthday. Let’s follow his lead, and drop by our member of Congress’ office with a picture of a loved one and share the story of how we are all impacted by the #GOPTaxScam and that we should #ListenToAdy. 

More information on the Facebook page here. MoveOn signup page here. Working Families Party signup page here.

Feel free to make your own similar signup page or work from one of these.

Current partners: MoveOn, Working Families Party, Center for Popular Democracy, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, CREDO, UltraViolet, Americans for Tax Fairness, Not One Penny

Please email if you can join or want more information. 

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