The Movie Moana Inspires So Much Fun

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As a grand mother I try to keep up with what Disney movies the younger kids are enjoying. I like to stay on the same page of a kindergarten conversation.

I’ve seen the trailers and heard all about the characters.  Sophi-Do-It and I finally have a date to watch the Moana DVD together. (Better late than never, right?)


Sophie-Do-It model felt hair garland for Heart Felt Play Store. Does this inspire your Moan theme pary? Or Lilo and Stitch Hawaiian theme?

It turns out that our Heart Felt Play Store Hawiian inspiration was ahead of the game with the tropical theme last year. I will be bringing back tropical style dress-up theme out-fits and sensory play items to Heart Felt Play Store in about 2 weeks.* I have some updated crafting to do then descriptions to write before publishing the Tropical/ Hawiian theme collection inspired by Disney’s Moana and Lilo and Stitch movies  in my Heart Felt Play Store catalog.

Heart Felt Play Store.

In the mean time, you, my followers get a sneak peak of some the kinds of items I will putting together for the Moana inspired; Lilo and Switch; or fun tropical Hawaiin theme.

Please note: Heart Felt Play Store is never in competiiton with the Disney registered characters; they do imaginary characters so well… I look for trending basics that can  inspire  kids to use their imagination over and over again.

Heart Felt Play Store hand-crafted hair garland. Kids will love this for tropical Hawaiian or Moana inspired birthday party


Hawaiian tropical theme little girls dress-up tropical leaf skirt hand-crafted from felt and tulle for heart Felt Paly Store. girls will love it for Moana inspired theme party


Sophie-Do-It does her version of a Hawiian hula in her tropical leaf hula inspired apron skirt. Hand-crafted from felt and tulle in small sizes only. made for girls who love to watch Disney Moana movie over adn over and dramatic play the tropical theme. Heart Felt Play Store


No Non-cents Nanna is preparing more sensory play bags with the Hawiian/ tropical theme for the kids who are currently obsessed with the animated movie Moana.

What a great opportunity to learn about the tropical island climate and geography?

“Grab a pair of sunglasses for the kids tropical island theme party,” says Heart Felt Play Store

Get inspired to play some fun games with palstic fish or real sea shells.

“Kids can pretned to fish on a their own tropical island adventure. ” encaourages Heart Felt Play Store
Great party favor for Moana inspire; Under the Sea: Lilo and Stitch inspired birthday themes.


“Tropical island like Moana cannoed to certainly had sea shells. What a great time to learn about things from under the sea or tropical island climates and geography,” encourages heart Felt Play Store


Check out No Non-cents Nanna’s Pinterest Board for Moana; Lilo and Stitch; and Hawiian Tropical inspirations: Moana dress-up and crafts

Over 400 pins, so far, thanks to fellow pinners.


 Now it’s your turn to speak out on what kinds of trending themes your kids like:

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