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Welcome Back Heart Felt Play Store

Important News you can use.

We are BACK!

Just before the busiest shopping days of the year, No Non-cents Nanna’s family was experiencing to manycomplcated  medical issues. The decision was made to CLOSE the doors.  We are now back on our feet and ready to celebrate our…

Grand RE-OPENING February 1, 2018.

Pins will once again be BUYABLE very soon.for merchandise that is selected for fun filled play to enhance early childhood learning. Out stock of dramatic play costumes parts sensory play items hats, stickers and tattos is very small. this allows us to serve you better.

Please bear with us as we update inventory from January 13,to February 1, 2018

A small portion of inventory went to a local consignment shop. Inventory has not been updated as yet. But, email is a very handy communication tool; customers may feel free to email me questions. I have a room full of unorganized fun stuff for kids that has to be counted.with numbers coordinated on catalog pages. That should take about a week to complete. Then the final prepartions will be announced for the GRAND- Re-Opening of Heart Felt Play Store on February 1, 2018

Shop is open as of a few hours ago, and you can make a purchase.  But…inventory is not up to date…I’m very happily working on it.



Founder and owner of Heart Felt Play Store, Malika Bourne aka No Non-cents Nanna, uses her decades of experience with early childhood developement to collect products to sell for age appropriate play themes kids love at affordable prices for parents and teachers.

Nanna’s current product advisors are her grand children.

  • At Heart Felt Play Store you don’t need to buy a gross of felt pumpkin widgets to get just one. Malika understands how folks may only need five widgets for to complete kids’ craft or party theme. Yes, can buy just one of most products.
  • Ages 3 to 10 year old is the age group we focus on at Heart Felt Play Store. But, if  you are quite grown up already, and collect lady bugs, you may still purchase for yourself.
  • Parents and teachers will save valuable time at Heart Felt Play Store due to the organization of items by themes and cross themes.
  • You will be inspired with additional theme ideas on Blog Posts and Notes from the No Non-cents Nanna right in product descriptions. Http://


WarningHeart Felt Play Store items are not intended for children under age 3. Products are not meant for sleep wear.

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Our Shipping Policy:

  • Please note: Heart Felt Play Store is one grandma operation who does every thing with heart felt care as if you were her own family.
  •  Most orders happily arrive in 3-5 business days. Typically orders are processed and in the local post office with in 24 hours with confirmation via your email.* Because we have no control over things like weather with power outages or LIFE in general, please allow  up to 2  weeks for your order to arrive. 
  • Orders are sent from United States Postal Service by standard mail unless the purchaser makes other approved arrangements
  • *Na nna send you an email notice that your order has left the building! Followed by an image of the package that has your name on it and a picture of your contents as well as  the USPS tracking reciept.I don’t know of any other on-line shop that does this to make customers feel like family.

Limited stock on shelves to save us all money!

  • Please be aware that quantities in stock are limited.
  • Yes, you may order some OUT of STOCK items. But, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Feel free to start a conversation by using the contact form or email of the date you need specific items. Sometimes a product will go viral and sell out very qucikly. tho’ Nanna tries to plan ahead she has no control over unexpected back orders from suppliers.
  • Prices are subject change as whole sale costs and availabity change.

Who makes Heart Felt Play Store goods?

  • In the begining of Heart Felt Play Store  was hand crafting one-of-a-kind felt products  such as felt dolls, poodle skirts, pirate hats and mermaid tails, felt finger play shapes  are designed and hand crafted by Malika Bourne in the US. That proved to be time consuming and not cost effective. Special orders may be accepted with adequate notice. Please start the converstation with owner via the contact form.
  • Heart Felt Play Store now offers primarily manufactured items focusing on the kids favorite themes. 

Satisfaction guaranteed. For any concerns or /special orders contact owner via email Subject: Heart Felt Questions. For speedy resolution, please include your phone number and best time to reach you.

Note: No Non-cents Nanna  treats you like family and she Rules the Roost.


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