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What Can YOU Make with Duct Tape that LOOKS Like Burlap?

I can make a re-purposed vase from an Ovlatine jar and Duct Tape that looks like burlap

DUCT TAPE burlap 20150908_141753


I don’t know about your dad and you ,but my dad made sure I never left home with out a ROLL of DUCT TAPE in my car.

Well, my late father was as smart as he was creative – and I got some of his genes. He would so proud to know  how creative I have gotten with really cool looking DUCT  TAPE.

  • DUCT TAPE can be cute with scissors..
  • .. tear it the edges look rough like real burlap.


Don’t look at BIRDIE.. look at the VASE!

DUCT TAPE burlao and bird 20150908_141704 - Copy



In the above image I choice a floral pattern DUCT TAPE then trimmed the re-purposed  jar with the burlap patterned DUCT TAPE.

I added some plastic ivy and a pretend bird fun a sample.


  • Duct tape craft is a perfect craft for a lazy artist like myself. It is easy enough for kids to do… long as yo don’t give then a full roll to wrap around the house…

  • DUCT TAPE is sticky, of course, so you don’t need glue.
  • Duct tap has straight edges that make it easy to adhere to a straight line of an edge.
  • You need to go slowly-a inch at a time as you carefully stretch in place.
  • It can be some what forgiving if you need to left and re-stick a little at a time.
  • Got a wrinkle? No problem! Most wrinkles can be smoothed out.

I will taking these one-of -a-kind re-purposed items to Fresh Fridays in Colorado Springs.


Are you ready to make something fun with DUCT TAPE, too?

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying Make Good Choices!


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