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Working on Farm Theme for Kids Activities: behind the scenes sneak peak

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I used to love preparing fun themes for pre-K learning experiences when I was an early childhood educator/ nurse.

Now that I’ve started a new stage of life, at age 65, and my new small business, Heart Felt Play Store by No Non-cents Nanna, I get so excited about preparing fun products to be sold to busy parents with young children. ( Over age 3).

Working on the Farm activites for kids. Introduction to new farm theme for kids activies and grand Opening of Heart Felt Play Store Products. 4 blogs with tgreat ideas to follow coming soon.

Working on the Farm activites for kids. Introduction to new farm theme for kids activies and grand Opening of Heart Felt Play Store Products. 4 blogs with great ideas to follow coming soon.

View this short video how my grand daughter Sophie-Do-It plays with some of the farm animal theme stickers and more.

Keep in mind that we grown-up may encourage our cidlren to use their imagination any way they want.

There are basically no rights nor wrongs as long as they are safe.

Not only do  No Non-cents Nanna blog followers get  sneak peak behind the scenes new items are prepared for publishing for my new Heart Felt Play Store Catalog look but followers get discounts codes, too. Feel free to share.

Use this CODE [ 10%OFF the Farm ] for 10% off of the collection Farm Animals  This is a one item use only. Not valid with any other discount code. Other posts may also have hidden CODES for discounts on Heart Felt Play Store.



20160406 144926 2 thumb

Farm Animal Cow Face Bandana 

20160406 145031 2 thumb

Farm Animals: Horse Bandana 

Farm animal stickers f7debccc68ddb733582652da2adba931 thumb

Farm Animal Self Adhesive Shapes 

20160406 151101 2 thumb

Farm Theme Red Barn Favor Box 

20160406 145542 2 thumb

Farm Animal Pig Snout Bandana

20160409 160050 hdr 2 thumb

Farm Animal Masks: Color Yourself 

Dog short ear nose set heart felt play store thumb

Dress-up Dog Ears and Nose: short pointed ears 

20170227 171139 hdr thumb

Dress-up Dog Ears and Nose: Hound Dog Set 

Heart felt play store cat maks and t shirt. last one thumb

Dress-up Black Cat T-shirt and foam Mask set 

20170227 163853 hdr thumb

On the Farm Pig Noses: set of 3 

20160110 174618 2 thumb

Lady Bug DIY Bracelet Craft 

20160405 150728 3 thumb

Farm Animal Visor: Duck 

20160406 144507 2 thumb

Farm Animal Foam Visor: Pig 

20160405 150638 3 thumb

Farm Animal Foam Visor: Horse 

20160405 150618 4 thumb

Farm Animal Foam Visor: COW

Visit my Pinterest board On the FARM Theme for kids for On the Farm Activites , songs and games, thanks to our fellow PINNERS..

Heart Felt Goal:


  1. Expose the young child to farm animals and facts about where our food comes from before the grocery store.
  2. Enrich the learning experiences with fun colors, shapes and media that encourages the use of as many of the senses as possible.
  3. Organize, by themes, affordable collections of child safe products to sell to busy parents and/ pre-K teachers (plus) that I know from my experinces kids will love.
  4. Share my decades of experience on chldhood development with young parents and teachers related information in my blogs. Including welcoming your comments that will help other families with kids.
  5. Inspire others to make good choices when caring for children as a way to prevent child abuse.

Do Chickens Have Lips and Other Silly Farm Questions:

My next blog post with have what may sound like silly questions about farm animals that make kids LOL and think.


Hen and chicks finger puppets.

Hen and chicks finger puppets. Hand crafted and designed by Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna.


For Sale by Owner of Heart Felt Play Store:

The above items will be sold on Heart Felt Play Store  I photgraph all my images adn write the descriptions, too. Yikes! I’m having fun.

Got your own party and pre-school themes to plan?

Why wait untill the last minute? Contact Malika Bourne no less than 30 days before the event with your ideas. There may be that exact something waiting in the wings or on the TO DO List  for you with a very special offer.

You don’t have to wait. PM me your ideas on my Facebook biz page. I have more products ready and waiting to sell and ship than you can shake a stick at! Feel free to ask AND get a super duper discount.

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