6 More Things You Never Thought About the Flu

To help you be better informed on more things you may have never thought of regarding influenza I put together 6 more basic answers to question on Influenza and more.

The Flu is not on most people minds too often, uless you are trying to not catch it from other people. I took the liberty of collecting great information and sharing very good links in this posts to get you started on question you can use the answeres to.

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Don’t Thank the Comedian for the Rise in Childhood Diseases

Too many American parents believed a comedian’s unsubstatiated information about  immunizations thus they put America’s children at risk. Why did this woman get by with spreading  propaganda when we had preventable diseases under control?

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You Don’t Know as Much About the Flu as You Think You Do

You Don’t Know as Much About the Flu as You Think You Do.

What you don’t know about influenza can hurt you or your loved ones.

This post will not only give my snarky opinion but links to accurate facts you may not have thought of to become more educated with the facts versus what you heard or read on Facebook. Read my typo riddled posts and I can over load you with facts your never thought to ask about. Pick what your want and skip the rest… and for God’s sake if you are sick STAY HOME! if you and the kids are not feeling well.

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