On Planning Ahead for Factory Fires: No Non-cents Diary

Dear Diary,

I stayed up past my bedtime last night writing my thoughts on shoplifting. I am ready to move on to the subject of all the fires and explosions in all kinds of factories rationally.

I still had goals to meet before noon. As I did each 10-minute task, I thought about writing about planning ahead – mini steps in my own Prepper Journey. I

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Shoplifting-We All Are Punished: No Non-cents Diary

I believe that shoplifting is a crime against not only a retailer but the community as well. I am shocked that many people take a defensive stance against my ideas of theft and looting when the ultimate consequence comes back to bite everyone in the proverbial buttocks.

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The No Non-cents Diary: Introduction

Welcome to No Non-cents Nanna’s current project – The No Non-cents Diary.

If you are feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed with mainstream and social media disinformation, maybe you and I want to exchange our thoughts on how to make TUFF better before SHTF.

Are you interested in preparedness for the family but don’t know where to start? Please feel free to check out any old No Non-cents Nana post. Then…

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