Grinch Takes More Than an Inch of My Gratitude!

This Grinch Takes More Than an Inch of My Gratitude!

First, I caught him taking my garbage out the door. “Just helping out” said the Grinch.

He seems like a decent guy. I should be grateful, so I gave him an inch.

OMG! Short green guy is stealing my trash! He is a Grinch!

Should I have believed this short green guy with a Trump hair cut was not stealing me blind?


I let the Grinch stay over night. 

He fell asleep in the chair watching TV.

I covered him with an afgan.

In the morning, I suggested he take a shower…He Stink, Stank, STUNK like a skunk!

Vistors in the house.

Today vistors were expected in my home.

I warned the Grinch he had better behave while we have visitors or I’ll take him straight away to the store.

Oh, he is mean one! He laughed out loud like a…a…a….Grinch!

My guests noticed how he loafed around my sewing machine. They were polite, tho’.

Of course, how could they not notice him?

His yucky 40 inch green felt body stood out like a sore thumb!


Grinch eats all my fruit then replies, “What? Fruit is good for me. Candy will rot my teeth!”

.I suggested the Grinch pass the bowl of fresh fruit to our guests. But, he would not let go of the bowl.

Oh, he is a mean one, that Grinch is.

He ate every piece of fruit in that big bowl without sharirng even a pit.

When I asked him why he ate all the fruit he replied, “WHAT? Fruit is good for me. Candy will rot my teeth!”

Who made him so smart? He is only a GRINCH!

I apologizied to my guests who politely smilled back.


Before my guests left  they all commented on how “cute” or :adorable” he is, excpet for the Presidental-elect hair style.


No, I swear, the Trump hair-do was an accident! I only had so much snotty yellow green fur to work….


I confess.

I made this story all up! Just like I made this Grinch-like stuffed thing! And, when you see him in person his hair cut does resemble Donald’s.

My version of a Dr Suess’ Grinch is sewn from apple green felt. His 40 inch blody is stuffed with no less than 2 pounds of polyester filling. (that 2 bags full)

I hand embroidered his facial features giving him that silly smirky GRINCHY grin and creepy eyes.

YES! I confess!

I am not keeping this GRINCH!

He is up for adoption!!!!

The End


Update 12/ 24.2017. I changed my mind and let the Grinch stay. He iscurrently peeking out my patio door.

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