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8 No Non-cents Nanna Rules for Babysitters

This old No Non-cents Nanna knows it is time to take some of her babysitter’s rules out of moth balls.

Meet the No Non-cents Nann is her youth. Nanna knows all children feel more happy and safe when they have boundaries set consisitently.


Mary Poppins inspired me with her spoon full of sugar and now I have the No Non-cents Nanna way!


No Non-cents Nanna encourages gentle touches and inside voices.

Here is what I know from years  decades of working with children as a big sister; a babysitter; Sunday School teacher; a Register Nurse….I almost forgot the mommy and grand mommy role.

  • Children feel more secure when they know the boundaries.
  • Having written rules help everyone know what is expected of each other to feel happy and safe.
  • Do know what the family’s rules are. Are they posted?—

Children really odowant rules to help them know what is expected of them.

Babysitters need a list of rules that may be structured a tad different from the family rules.

Sometimes the kids have no idea what a house rule is- have your rules anyway for their safety.

  • You will need to be firm and consistent with those rules with in reason.
  • All of your efforts as a babysitter is to keep the children safe.
  • Build trust befeore some emergency occurs.

Rules don’t have to be mean or overly strict in order to have enough contorl to keep every one safe.

Children need discline ( to be taught) but rules don’t need to always be strict or mean to get childrens to follow through.


Here are some suggestions that are light and fun. *

1.Please use gentle touches.

2. Please use your inside voice.

3. Please walk inside.

4.Always know where your baby sitter is at all times, even if she evaporates in thin air.

5.If you are an elephant NEVER sit on the baby sitter’s lap.

6.Only the babysitter is allowed to open the BABY SITTING  BAG.

7.Laughing on the ceiling is not allowed.

8.Only eat gummy worms BEFORE brushing teeth.

If you have to eat worms, please do so BEFORE you brsuh your teeth! declares No Non-cents Nanna

*The RULES may not be  age appropriate for babies.


Of course, I have more rules…

..but for now, I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Make good choices!”


This post was repurposed from Nanna’s  Spot Rule #13 Never Eat YellowSnow

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