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Are Pastors Who Defy COVID-19 Safety Measures for Their Church Toxic Leaders?

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All across the United States, there are church leaders who are refusing to practice social distancing claiming it is their Constitutional right for church congregations to meet to worship God. (See First Amendment quote below .) May God bless the church groups who are keeping the people safe.

Best Combined Lists of FREE Pandemic of 2020 Stay Home From School Vacation Resources

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Are we adjusting, yet, to staying home from school? Don’t pass up the chance to explore outer space or look for penguin poop…not joking- this post just added links to more virtual learning experiences that can help scientists just by sitting on your own couch in the living room. Travel the world virtually- for free- links in this post.

What Can Families Who are Staying Home Do Without Hand Sanitizer?

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No Non-cents Nanna has been preaching about teaching children good handwashing since I started this blog. The BEST thing to do is to lather up with soap and water scrubbing vigorously under warm running water for a good 20 seconds. Keep reading and scrolling for updates on current recommendations for self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic.