Month: September 2015

Making Breakfast Sensory Play from Felt: Tracing Shapes

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There is some very nice sensory play items on the commercial market. But, I prefer to make my own felt shapes versus purchasing manufactured products.

This multi-part post will show you how to get started making economical  felt shapes for pre-school children and younger grade school children.

Pre-Schoolers Learning to Sew Dolls Clothes part 2

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This post is a continuation of Pre-Schoolers Learning to Sew Dolls Clothes and can be adapted to other learning experiences.

This old No Non-cents Nanna knows when children are given the opportunity,along with the adults patience, they can do many things on the road to eventual independence.

Made a Difference in the Life of a Stranger with Random Act of Kindness

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This last Sunday I walked to the store. I wasn’t feeling so good. I was unaware that I was coming down with pneumonia.

Unexpectedly 4 different strangers smiled and opened doors for me. I wondered if I looked as bad I felt.

Is it Time to Have The Talk About Diapers with Grandpa?

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Recently my posts have been about talking to your children about sensitive matters .From time to time on my blog I write  about diapers and potty training.

Potty training oops is kind of cute in a socially acceptable way. But, what if Grand starts wetting his pants?