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Making Breakfast Sensory Play from Felt: Tracing Shapes

There is some very nice sensory play items on the commercial market. But, I prefer to make my own felt shapes versus purchasing manufactured products. This multi-part post will show you how to get started making economical felt shapes for pre-school children and younger grade school children.   Making felt items for kids to experience […]

Pre-Schoolers Learning to Sew Dolls Clothes part 2

This post is a continuation of Pre-Schoolers Learning to Sew Dolls Clothes and can be adapted to other learning experiences. This old No Non-cents Nanna knows when children are given the opportunity,along with the adults patience, they can do many things on the road to eventual independence.   What parts can a 4 year old ‘sew”? Pick […]

Is it Time to Have The Talk About Diapers with Grandpa?

Recently my posts have been about talking to your children about sensitive matters .From time to time on my blog I write about diapers and potty training. Potty training oops is kind of cute in a socially acceptable way. But, what if Grand starts wetting his pants?       Incontinence is a sensitive subject […]

Did You Know that Skeletons are Functional Not Creepy?

With Halloween decorating ideas being marketed all over America we will see lots of spooky skeletons that creep out the kids. But, have you ever told your children that the bones that make up our skeletons have 6 major functions? Now, that is important to know and hardly spooky at all.   With any holiday […]

Isn’t It Time to Talk to Kids about Halloween Images?

While I’m playing around with editing some of my photos of my Halloween crafts I want to encourage you to form an emergency preparedness plan. Below I made up a gory image for us to consider. Is illusion real or it is creepy fun? I’m not so sure that most American kids know the difference […]

What Can a 3 year old do in the Kitchen?

Prior to the health scare of 2020, many parents were sending their pre-kindergarten children to daycare so they could work. With the “lockdowns” or businesses shuttering doors, many parents had no choice but to stay-at-home self-isolating with 3,4, and 5-year-old kids experiencing dramatic changes in routines.  As parents were challenged with juggling work from home […]

How to Talk to Your Child About Their Art work; and how NOT to.

Oh the things you can do with an empty paper towel tube! The little ones can find many creative ways to use an empty paper towel tubes: like for YELLING Things!!!! as this 4 year old says. Look! She decorated her YELLING Thing all by herself using markers! Isn’ the YELLING Thing precious? I think so because […]