Making Creepy Kinds of Things May Lead to Opportunities to Talk about Safety.

Halloween is a fun time to make creepy kind of things with opportunity to talk to kids about learning to make good choices and safety issues.

In America is very hard to avoid seeing macabre displays. For some it it is fun- while others are offended or advise against the so called Halloween celebrations.

Halloween is a perfect time to talk about poisons and safety regardless of whether or not your family participates in Halloween or not.

Whether you agree with other people’s Halloween choices or not this old No Non-cents Nanna says

  • Take advantage of the “season” to open the doors to conversation with your family about things we may not understand in a non-judgmental way.
  • Crossing the street safely; talking to strangers; food safety; fire”proof”…( Please add to this list in the comment section)
  • We all have different life experiences to bring to an open discussion about choices of all kinds.

Halloween test tubes for a creepy look. Decorations like this can open the doors to a healthy conversation with your children

  • Be aware of potential for complacency with over exposure to Horror Fiction/ Fantasy. We may risk complacency with repeated Adrenal Rushes when we watch so many movies; read large amounts of horror books; see macabre displays; or gory Halloween costumes etc.
  • Kids may have questions, but, are not sure how to ask us adults what the real answer may be vs the kids on the playground
  •  If we adults don’t know the answer we can use reliable resources for the facts.
  • Don’t allow fear of the unknown or Urban Legends rule your life: be informed.

Halloween decoration for fun have its place. Let us not forget that real death and dying is a part of life.

I have had these items for sale at local Markets in Colorado Springs. But, before I sell my “bottles of poison” I talk to the grand-kids about reading labels and warnings before we use any thing or take any medication.

  • This includes medications the doctor prescribes and those Over the Counter Drugs OTC.
  • This also includes the labels on our food and hygiene products as well.
  • Many things we use every day are safe to use when we follow directions.
  • But, when we take too much of “good-thing” they can cause toxicity as well as a known toxic chemical.

In the “Spirit of Halloween” , ghoulish things such as Vampire Virus; Bat-wing Brew or Vampire Blood make most of go E_W_W_W!

  • We need to also be going E-W-W-W about the toxic junk we consume or use to clean our homes. Now that is creepy in real life!



I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna encouraging you to Make Good Choices.


I express my own No Non-cents opinions. Below are links to some related resources referenced with a variety of view points on Halloween (Not sure if I agree or not with this author’s view point, but, I think it is worth it for parents to read.)



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