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The Child’s Job is to Role Play What They See Us Do -Uh OH!

Child’s play is the child’s job. Role playing with a few props or dress up clothes is a necessary tool to growing up in good time.┬áThe Child will act out ole what they wee us do -Uh OH! Are we demonstrating out best behavior? Kids watch us parents, grand parents, teachers, doctors, community helpers- then […]

What’s the Big Deal About Sensory Play for Kids?

What’s the Big Deal about Sensory Play? Don’t you need flash cards and expensive toys to be able to enroll your future rocket scientist in the right college when they are 2 years old? (I may or may not be exaggerating.) If you ask a dozen people on your block to explain Sensory Play chances […]

5 Reasons Why Children Need A Toy to Hug

My personal story… Why I believe children need to have a toy to hug goes back to when… …I was very young I could not sleep. I was often cold and hungry. My parents worked very hard and had little time for the non-sense of a little girl who constantly begged for input. So I […]

How to Play the Waiting Game with Kids

How many times have you sat in waiting room and sat some more with bored kids? Personally, I don’t care to recall how many times we have had to play the Waiting Game. I will guess you have been there and done that too many times too. A friend of mine was going over the […]

101 Things for Sensory Play

What is big deal and why is┬ásensory play important to how children learn? And, what is a Busy Bag or a Busy Box? This post will explain along with 100 things to use for sensory play to put collections of bags and boxes for children to play and learn. We all can name the 5 […]

Rocket Scientists started out with Kitchen Science for Kids

Your child could be a future rocket scientist. Who knows? The No Non-cents Nanna’s believes that our children’s future begins at birth and influenced by parental encouragement to explore with every day things in the kitchen at the appropriate developmental age. This post will share ideas on how to start using kitchen science everyday with […]