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Dinosaur Stuff for Kids

Do you love it when the kids love learning with dinosaurs?

Are you always looking ideas for dinosaur games: dinosaur activities or dinosaur party favors?
Are you looking for affordable kids dramatic play dress-up parts for Halloween costumes?
Please note: we sadly inform you of the permant closure of Heart Felt Play Store due to Family Health Issues. Posts are being edited or deleted. We hope you find the remaining content inspiring for your child’s dinosaur studies tho’ we no longer sell on-line.
All of these items may be purchased whole sale from Oriental Trading Company


Selection of temporary tattoos

Disno Book Marks



Purple dinosaur tail; dinosaur mask; excavation kit and interactive dinosaur book all in one mney saving package…
Purple dinosaur tail with green dots
Dinosaur Shine & Reveal interactive spiral activity book
Dinosaur Discovery Excavation Kit for Kids
One foam dinosaur mask in coordinating purple and green color.

Little archeologists can have fun discovering their own dinosaur (fake) fossiles with this educational dinosaur excavation ki 

 This dinosaur items may be purchased whole sale from Oriental Trading.



“Want to make your own dinosaur birthday party invitations?” ( Or princess or super hero). Check out Smile Box. ( Not affilated with Heart Felt Play Store : only sharing a very cool link.)


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Dreaming of a Boy and His Dog: Here’s the Reality

Are you dreaming of getting a roly poly puppy for your boy or girl to grow up with and ‘ live happily ever after’?

Visions in our parental heads flash back to famous movie and TV dogs like Lassie; Old Yeller; Rin Tin-Tin; Bethoven. Air Bud. But what we don’t realize is that she dogs we fantasize about with our children are exceptionally trained canines.

If you are thinking ” wouldn’t it be fun to have “101 Dalmations”? ARE YOU NUTZ!!!?

Are you having the fantasy of your dog rescueng kids from the well like we watched on Lassie? Then get a reality check before you bring puppy home. Read my thoughts below before you get puppy, please. having a puppy without being prepared is not so dreamy. Puppies do what puppies do so they need to be taught what behavior you want.

What a beutiful image of a boy and his. Before getting a puppy, No Non-cents Nanna says to research first on how much work; best breeds for you; puppy and dog behavior first.

The image about was my son about 35 years ago with Muffin and TB Annie.. Our landlord gaves us the mother dog above after some one had thrown her over a 6 foot fence. It did not take long for her have a litter of pups. I was not prepared for 7 animals in the house along with 2 growing children tho’ I had grown up with farm dogs. ( A farm dog not is not the same as a pet dog.  Both are big responcibilities.)

To tell you the truth, our family loved our pets; But, with 2 children  , I did not love the expense when reality set in after we adopted Muffin, the beautiful mother dog above. Sadly after 5 years I had no choice but to re-home Muffin. I had become a single mother of 2 then added a new baby I was a statistic of having being able keep our beloved pet.

Recently my 43 year old son, decided to replace his late service dog.

We did not feel that we could afford to pay $18,000 or more for a fully trained 2 year old dog. It was nearly imppossible to transport David in his motorized wheelchair out of town or out of state  to meet a dog and train for 6 weeks with the candidtat dog. I know most families just want to love a pet, They don’t need a working dog like dog liek we do.

Besides, we wanted to bond. It was nearly impossible to transport. Trust me, the amount of intence training that goes into training a service dog for some one is still a lobor of love in terms of compensation for trainers.

i contacted:

Dana hand-picked our Amber Service-Dog-in-Training for her breed and her personality. Dana is training me every week to train Amber.

Amber Service-Dog-in-Training is one happy puppy. She loves learning new things. Amber at 12 weeks models her brand new Service-Dog-in-Training Vest. This vest opped off of her at age 14 weeks. Ordered a new vest yesterday.

Of course we are experiencing normal development dog behaviors with Amber even with puppy training. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about

  • picking up puppy phoo on the carpet or washing and re-washing mop rags.
  • overly full of energy I call “shits and giggles” at 5 AM when I want to sleep.
  • having my bills torn to shred in 2 seconds flat. (I have to admit it did look funny for a moment when Amber figured out how to move a chair in order to stand on the dining table. I would have prefed to shred the my self.)
  • I spend hours a day working on her training to become a service dog. I wanted to do this  Some days are fabulouly rewarding. Then other days when we have set backs or it is cold or raining outside I wonder what I was thinking when we knew she was meant to David’s Service-Dog. Some days I really want a nap instaed of potty training in the cold.
  • and still Amber have gotten her puppy teeth stuck in my new sweater

Fortunately we have weekly training sessions.


Still thinking about a cute puppy your tot can rough and tumble with?

Read this Huffington Post article first: 7 Reasons People Dump Their Dog

Did you know that dogs can bite?

There are reasons why a docile dog may bite. Did you know that you can identify a dog’s up-coming behavior by its posture? Humans have a lot to learn about communicating.

Dana Ortiz explains a dog posture in her book.

No Non-cents Nanna knows about training up human children. But she needs lot of help training up Amber to be a Service Dog.

Therefore, recommends Becoming the Trainer by Dana Ortiz.


According to Author and Certified Trainer Dana Ortiz of Becoming the Trainer writes:


At least 4.5 – 4.7 mil.lion Americans are bitten by dogs every year and 20 to 30 of these bites result in death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Learning canine psychology and knowing how to read canine body language is how we lower these rates and most importantly give back to our canine community.
“I hope this book helps lowers these rates!” – Dana L. Ortiz

56% of pets that enter shelters are euthanized

Also in Becoming The Trainer: Getting to know your pooch!Kindle Edition  Ortiz goes over atributes of different breeds of dogs. This will give you an idea of what kind of characteristic by breed that might suit your family best, before you bring home a puppy and don’t know what to do next when it pees on your expensive comforter or eats more food than you do.

Becoming The Trainer: Getting to know your pooch!Kindle Edition goes into important health issues like getting vacinations.

Did you know that puppies go through developmental stages just like children do?

I find canine developmental periods fasinating!

As a child growth and development specialist, I know that once parents understand wahat to expect with their own child’s growth and develoment, it makes parenting so much more enjoyable. The same is true when we are living with a puppy.

Be an informed dog owner.

while you may not be needing a service-dog, but a family pet, know what you are really getting into before you bring a canine into your life. It is life long commitment.

Check out  Becoming The Trainer: Getting to know your pooch!Kindle Edition today if you have a puppy or are thinking about a pet.

Even this old No Non-cents Nanna is learning something new every week. Having the support of a trainer, like Dana, ensures that our Amber will a happy healthy dog in our lives for many years to come. I suggest every family with a puppy  start out with Puppy classes 101 from a certified trainer near you.


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Preparing for Public Debute: Amber Service-Dog-in-Training

For a canine to become a service animal it does not just magically happen with a mail order vest. Training for our Amber Service-Dog-in-Training will take an estimated two full years of consistant work..This post will share a few of the pre-trip things on our To-Do-Lists to prepare to take Amber Sevice-dog-in-Training in her major public debut.

Amber Service-Dog-in-Training models her new Service-Dog-In-Training vest we ordered from ( Not and endorsement nor advertisement.)


Amber at 12 weeks modles her brand new Service-Dog-in-Training Vest. This vest might only fit for 2 weeks!

  • The thought behind this post is to give you, the general public, an idea of how much effort it takes our family to prepare to go shopping; have lunch with friends and even a hair cut for a grown man in a wheelchair. Now, we will add a  ENERGETIC PUPPY, a service-dog-in-training to hub-bub of a major production. You are invited to read a few of the details.
  • We all have seen too many FAKE ‘service animal’ owners abuse the Service Animal Laws. Click HERE to read Service & Assistance Animals. My son and I want Amber’s Service-Dog-in Training,  big public debut to go smoothly for every one involved. While the laws in the US support service animal work in public, we as trainer, owners and handlers must take on a great deal of responcibility as well. So, we are making a great deal of effort ahead to make the event a success.

Our greatest challenge is teaching our neighbors to act appropriately and helping businesses feel comforatable with our entourage.

Next week our family and trainer are preparing for a big trip to the mall; lunch with a good friend and a haircut with A 13 WEEK OLD PUPPY, AMBER-SERVICE-DOG-IN-TRAINING.  First she will need a lot of practice starting with demonstrating she a good canine citizen.

We don’t know exactly what other service-dogs-in-training handlers do, but, we will need to do what works in our situation, taking in to account specific disabilities my son needs help with that a canine of her size can do.

Eventually this attentive female lab/ German Shepherd will help David to live a better quality of life with her side by side assistance.

Amber Service-dog-inTraining is one happy puppy. She loves learning new things.

We will skip over the daily routine of getting a 6′ 2″ paralegic man dressed then out of bed into a mortorizied wheelchair to go out of the house for a simple appointment or to go to the store. Having Amber prepared to do her job will eventually be more than a ‘big help’. Amber will play as crucial role to enhancing independance for the 43 year old man, thus improving his quality of life. BUT, Amber must be trained with lots and lots of practice and community support. At 12 weeks. Ambers still has puppy behavior to go through.

We have alot of work ahead of us.

Amber is medical equipment for a person with real disabilities, not a pet.

The Service Dog will take big load off of me, a full time caregiver.

Amber service-dog-in-training pulls the door closed for the first time. it was win-win to use her puppy chew toy full of slobber.

For example:

  • When David drops his cell phone Amber can pick up the delicate phone then hand it over to David without breaking the screen.
  • Amber will be able to pull our apartment door closed with a rope.
  • When David comes into our home, Amber will able to push the dooor closed behind the wheelchair instead of David wasting precious energy to manuever his wheelchair in order accomplish a simple task most of us take for granted.
  • Amber is learning to open a door with her nose.
  • Later Amber Amber will be expected to find and push the push button that opens the disability auto doors.
  • When I am sleeping and David needs me, he can tell Amber to “Go get Nanna!”

My son and I want our landlord and business owners to feel comfortable with us as we are beginning to introduce Amber to our apartment home and our favorte public places of business.. We think of this debut as a good mannners partnership with those around us.

When Amber is fully trained, she will know how to assist her owner, David, my adult son, in public as well as the tasks she does at home. David, has severe progressive multiple sclerosis. He has limited mobility and depends on a motorized wheelchair as well as visual assistance.

As an aging grandmother, I can not be with David every minute of the day just in case he drops something or needs help getting out the door. Now, really..what grown man wants his mommy with him every minute of the day?

Not mine! And the feeling is mutal.This where Amber comes in.

Realistically, Amber can not, yet, do the things she will be trained to do in the future. First she needs time to grow while learning good canine manners.

This last week,David really needed to get out of our tiny apartment for some socialization with other grow-up human beings.  We felt Amber was ready to go with us  to the bowling alley for the best burgers in our neighborhood. Or, Amber would have to stay home in her kennel missing a learning opportunity.

Amber still has 2 years of training to do. We are making our on TO-Do check lists in Baby-Steps BEFORE we take Amber out of the imeediate neighborhood in public the first time.

(Amber is replacing a Service Dog Attacks with Love who passed away after 9 years of faithful service.We are re-strating from scratch with  the right puppy who has the characteristics needed to be a working dog for my son’s needs.)

To start, we asked ourselves:

  1. Potty Training: Can puppy ‘hold it?”
  2. Can puppy walk on th lease fairly well?
  3. Can puppy sit when told to do so?
  4. How are her manners so far? Will she jump up on people?
  • We called the manager of the bowling alley to ask if he was OK with us taking Amber inside to go directly to the outside patio. “Amber will be able to practice to sit or lie down and wait with strangers near by.. No puppy jumping is allowed. She will be learning to ingore everything except my commands in preparation to work for David.”

The manager of our neighborhood bowling alley appreciated our phone call. We were welcomed.The entire staff is alerted that we are going to prepared to do our best, with their support, when we bring Amber in for the first time.

  • I walked Amber really fast on a tight leash to the patio while David ordered our burgers. No piddleing around to sniff. Let me tell you the staff at Harmony Bowl bends over backwards to help David read the menu and carry our food through the door that leads to the patio. We love going out to eat there.


On our first outing, Amber did what a full fledged service dog should do. She laid down by our feet while we ate and chatted with neighbors. Everyone was so impressed!  Of course Amber was one pooped pup after walking a few blocks. But, that worked in our favor, this time.

We want to be able to take Amber out in public and not have business owner in a panic to follow the laws for service animals.

We are acutely aware that too many people take FAKE “service animals” into businesses. These scammers threaten to sue or call the news. As a former business owner my self, I understand how business owners want to accomodate all  customers, but, not be terrorized by jerks who let their FAKE service Dogs /out of control animals mess up their interior. * I am on the side of the business owner as well as on the side of legitmate service animals.


Let’s learn to communicate first before raising our dander or going to court. Know the laws then help educate your community in a respectful manner.

Because I am still in training my self as a handler of a puppy who is in training. I won’t be perfect as handler, yet. I want to communicate to business owners ahead of time that we need their help to make the visit a success. This includes that we will be sure puppy has been pottied before coming inside. We are always prepeared for “mistakes” We had a’diaper bag”  with paper towels; garbage bags etc.

  • Next week we will go to a large Shopping Mall in a wheelchair taxi. Amber has riden in the taxi before, to her puppy classes.  But, it is time for her to learn about her space.
  • She will have to learn to wait for the wheelchair to be loaded and unloaded. Then she will learn when and where she is to stay by David’s side and not get run over or jump on the steering. Amber will be seat belted in via her harness.

Amber can’t sit under my feet any more in the front seat. OMG! She is geting too BIG already! I expect Amber to be around 80 to 100 pounds when full grown.

  1. Talked to the wheelchair taxi drivers about their lowest traffic time. Getting transportaion for David to go any where is his large wheechair takes a reat deal of plannig anyway.. Niether my son nor I drive any more. We depend on public transportation.
  2. Arranged with our certified trainer to help us to train Amber properly on how to in and out and where to be in the cab. This is big deal for Amber to be able to pass her tests in 2 years.
  3. Called the mall store David wants to shop at that we are coming with Amber. Davd’s potential purchases will be set aside to make his selection easier.
  4. Called the Mall Manager who will alert the head of security to assist in escorting the best way to his store of choice. The best way is through the Food Court. That ought to be challenge with little kids eating lunch with mommies in the food court! David is legally blind driving a motorized wheelchair. One Nanna with a puppy in training is too much to do alone to give him back seat diections as where to drive. Amber’s certified trainer will be with us this time to be sure it is done the best as possible the first time.
  5. We will get back into the shedueled taxi ride and have yet another time to practice getting in and out of the taxi properly as we ride to our next destination for lunch at our favorite deli with an old friend and a hair cut at a wheelchair friendly barber. (There is a strict protocol for service dogs to get in an out of vehicles. Amber will need to preform when she takes her official tests we want her to take in the future.)
  • Let me tell you, these managers appreciate my head-up calls. They really want to help their customers who have special needs. Unfortunatley, too many people try to take FAKE animals into businesses leading to disasters, undue tension and hard feelings, to say the least. We take training our puppy properly very seriously. If we don’t she is only a beautiful pet.
  • As an example: I was told about a someone who took their parrot to the bowling alley claiming it was a ‘service animal’. I was told that the bird ‘shit’ all over the lanes. By the law business owners have been sort of stuck between a rock an a hard place in questioning what service the animal performs for the person with medical conditions. What happens when the person iwth the animal gets in a snit?
  • It is the opinion of this No Non-cents Nanna that we owners or handlers of  ‘service animals’ or ‘service-animals-in-training’ need to work with the business owners “we” want to frequent with our animals in a reasonable and civil manner. There is no need to try to pull the “boo-hoo let me have what I want because I’m disabled card.”  Business owner can not ask what their disability is. A real service animal must perform a task to help with those specific disabiliy.
  • Impersonating a service animal is against the law. Check out these posts for starts.:


Disclaimer: This post is to share about a few theings we are training our Amber. The laws recently changed and this post is not mean to intrepret those laws.. Many businesses including apartment management have recently taken classes on how to work with residents/ customers who depend on service animals for independance. Good for these people and thank you!

FYI on Rental Pet Fees:

Personally, my son and I live in in afforadable cheap apartments. It is extremely difficult to find an home that you can get a wheelchair in that folks on SSDI can afford. This means we live around lots of kinds of people who abide by rules while others break rules..a lot! For those many neighbors who have lower income, as well, and have pets they must pay pet deposits and extra monthly pets fees. These fees are deemed necessary because too many people do not clean up after pets or they fail to control the damage a pet might do. Some attempt to AVOID paying those pet fees by claiming FAKE Service-Dogs. 

Personally I find this dishonesty horrific. We all can spot FAKES by the way they behave. But they create problems for land lords. I’m holding back on awful sotries about neighbors and fake service dogs.

  • People who have legitimate ‘service animals” are not charged “pet fees”. A service animal have rights and are considered “necesary pieces of medical equipment.” A sevice animal is considered to e “an extention fo the person with a disabilty.”
  • A legitimate service animal is expected to be sufficantly trained with good manners before they are trained to perform tasks.
  • The majority of service dogs begin training soon after birth. Many future service animals are bred for certain characteristics the parent dogs have. Our Amber was hand-picked for my son’s needs. She still needs extensive training. Strapping on a vest will not make her magically a ‘service-dog”.

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What Would You Do? Puppy first; Service-Dog-in-Training

Amber-Service Dog-in-Training turned 12 weeks old yesterday. My son and I are grateful that she is in our life at this stage,  even if the her sharp puppy teeth and even with her half labrador  need to chew. In two years we are optimistic she will pass her testing to be a full fledge service dog..

I could brag at how well she sits; how attentive she is and what a beautiful dog she is…of course that is all true, but, I need your opinion on something for now.

Can you tell me WHY in the world is it ever OK to encourage your tots to get into anyone’s puppy’s face? Can you soothe my nerves over people with bad manners?

Amber service-dog-in-training. I know, she is so adorable you jus twant to get in her face to love on her.. but don’t She’sa puppy with sharp teeth. -see post sooth nanna nerves

Amber is so cute how she seems to gather and hoard her toys; bones and blankets. In the iamge below she had gathered all her new toys and old one..the ones that had not rolled under furntiture, any way. Amer-Service-Dog-in-Training is still rolly-polly and playful when she is not in training or pooped out taking a puppy nap.

Currently I, the No Non-cents Nanna, spend about 2 hours in training that includes walking on lease and ignoring the squirels or crows; dropped chicken nuggets or spilled food on the ground. Stting and watching the squirels and birds is fasinating and enjoyable for us both.

We still have to work on her impulisve playful nipping. She is labrador puppy-labs need to chew. All puppies nip and bite. Some puppies more than others. Some “bite” harder than others.Their teeth are sharp. Get into any dogs ‘space” without warning, the dog will protect its space instinctlvely.

Amber Service-dog-in-Training takes time out from training to play..WOW does she play! the vest was a hand-me-down until she fit her sservice dog in training vest..which she is not required to wear. Nor does a vest really certify she is a legit dog in training.

Puppys use their mouths to explores..and they have sharp teeth in htos cute little mouths!

Just when I think we have over come her impulsive nip, she gets me when I am most vulnerable, on the floor, doing my job. I won’t show the scabs on my arms from little accidents..not a pretty site! I am on blood thinners and my aging skin is thin. I bleed easily. We got her sharp toe nails clipped. I expect to have a few more scratches..this is not our first rodeo with puppies.

Sit puppy!

Amber gets excited to see family members. i get excited, too. She forgets and starts jump up. Family has to set limits every time they come over. With appopriate consistency Amber will learn to sit automatically when family comes. We all have to watch our cues or mis-cues to help the canine learn what to do.

People behaving badly

Ah.. but there is the rub..our neighbors get into our space when we go in and out the apartment buidling. I have no choices of exits nor entrances. They EXPECT a puppy to jump up. They encourage non-mannerly behavior with out asking permission…I am now a big ole sour puss for setting limits on “idiot people.”  mis-behaviing neighbors.

Should I carry lolli-pops to give neighobrs when they behave like grown adults?

Service dog in training is still a puppy.

It is not that I am not working on training Amber to get through this normal puppy stage…I AM! and I have advice from our service dog trainer…but there is no guarantee that Amber won’t playfullly nip at a child when he/she runs up to us while Amber is doing her duty on the dog walking area. I can not control other people poor choices of behavior.. I CAN train the puppy to ignor them. but, it takes time. I never expected to be so frustrated with so many people aorunda orun us who interfer with training.

The longer a not desire behavior is allowed the longer it will take to re-train for the proper behavior. AS the handler of this puppy, I am the BOSS of her, not strangers who are passing by.

I have even had a neighbor from down the hall set her very active toddler down in front of Amber. Mom was very animated, “Puppy. Puppy! Ryan See the puppy!” It scared the crap out of me for that impulisve child. Amber had complied with my command to sit  But when the mother so quickly jumped twards the puppy perhaps assuming my command for the pup to sit was an invitation to come and play I had already set limits with the mother before.

Even adults get over excited throwing food at the puppy to lure her away from me.

Thes look of disappointment on No Non-cents Nanna’s face when the puppy makes a piddle mistakes. or people try to lure puppy

WHAT the HECK are these PEOPLE THINKING?!!! 

I love children. But I would NEVER run up to strange kids from accross  a parking lot to hug and kiss them. So why is is OK for people to go nutz over a cute puppy a dinterfere  with the owner/ handler teaching the puppy good maners?

It is NOT OK! I know that! for fact!

But, why do parents of small children have no common sense about puppies? For us, people interfere with training of a service-dog. They only see the puppy, not a a big sign I wear. Nor do they heed my “NO STOP! Don’t touch!”

Last week I tried to get out Amber ut of the door to go potty. By the WAy, that door is more than the legal 5 pounds of pressuare for disabled folks to get opened and closed. (That door is very heavy and ahrd to open.) But upstairs neighbor kids or kids of gusts were dropping food down that stairs. One thing they dropped was a bouncing jaw breaker.. of course Amber jumped on it. It got stuck. I had to pop it out of the 10-11 week old puppy’s throat. It happened THAT fast. Kids though it was funny.

Management apparently does not care. They informed me to have her vest on…and we knew feel how with that statement? Apartmetn mangemnt can’t order us to that. We have all paper work in our files that is required. Bsides. We got amber at 7 pouhds a month ago. Now She over 20 pounds. How many cute little vests should we buy? Her service-dog-in-training vest is in the mail. She should be able to wear that one about 4 months. Update: Amber is now 8 months old at 67 pounds. I am about to order her 3rd vest.

But setting limits on these people draws defensiveness and irrate responses. I am not in the mood to deal with any more bad manners from neighbors, to say the least. My son and I are fixin’ to move when we can find a suitable wheelchair accessible home. Limited mobility is why my son needs to have a new service dog.

Amber service dog in training learns to lie down by the sheelchair and wait. Over the next 2 years she iwll learn to igonore everyone adn everthing except her owner’s needs andcommands

What do you do when you see a puppy? Have you had experience socializing a pet when neighobrs got obnoxious about calling your dog away from you with what your dog percieves as a treat?

Or does it bother you with people descend on your dogs or even your children?

Am I just crabby and need to get over it? ( Be careful with your answer. I’m sleep deprived from neighbors playing loud music all night and loud domestic issues in the hall ways… my lit goes on and on…that is why we are trying move…)

The ASPCA has a page on their website about Dog Bite Prevention I wish folks with small kids would read this. Would you please clik on that link then share it for every one who thinks it is a fun thing to allow their kids to run up to strangers puppies without invitation?

Safety Tips for Children

Be aware of the fact that any dog can bite. From the smallest to the largest, even the most friendly, cute and easygoing dogs might bite if provoked. The vast majority of dog bites are from a dog known to the person—his or her own pet, a neighbor’s or a friend’s. You can help protect your child from dog bites by discussing with him the appropriate way to behave around dogs. We offer the following tips:..

Any advice or feeling Let talk!

Amber is now 8 months old: We moved solving the nieghbohood issues.

Before You Buy the Take Your Dog Anywhere Card Read this First

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