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10 Silly Ice Breakers for Effective Communication with Kids

Getting to know someone can make even grown ups feel uncomfortable. Kids feel nervous too when meeting some like a new baby sitter. No Non-cents Nanna shares 10 silly icebreakers to help you make kids feel more comfortable. Keep reading for links to busy bag ideas from No Non-cents Nanna   Feel free to share […]

No Non-cents Nanna on Making Good Choices

Life is about making choices that may keep us constant; improve our lives or make things more difficult. The controversial handling of the contagious virus beginning in 2020 is now forcing us to make choices we never had planned to make. And that seems to be the beginning of the unsettling consequence that we face […]

5 Things Babysitters Should do BEFORE Parents Leave the House

This old No Non-cents Nanna post on silly babysitting tricks of the child-care trade has been updated to include outstanding resources: Where to find classes for babysitters certification. Develop new skills Where to find CPR and First Aid Classes Learn more with 4-H Learn to critter-sit chickens and other farm critters. Prepared parents can rely […]

8 No Non-cents Nanna Rules for Babysitters

This old No Non-cents Nanna knows it is time to take some of her babysitter’s rules out of moth balls. Rules to keep every one safe really can be fun for everyone.   Mary Poppins inspired me with her spoon full of sugar and now I have the No Non-cents Nanna way!   Here is […]

No Non-cents Nanna’s Brings Babysitting Tricks of Trade out of Moth Balls

This old No Non-cents Nanna know we all have to start somewhere when learning how to care for small children. As a teen age babysitter my big survival tool was all the Tricks and TREATS had in my MAGIC BAG. Now I’m getting old with 6 grandkids- those tricks still work.     How would […]