No No-cents Nanna Makes Statement about CLAIMS Made On-line

Do you know if a published statement is fact or fiction? All too many people believe books sold on Amazon a; blog post, a website or even a private Facebook groups just because it is PUBLISHED not knowing if the words are the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Why is that?

WANING! Don’t believe everything you read online.

Then unsubstantiated claims, out of context claims even plagerized content are passed on without anyone ever questioning the source nor demanding documented evidence in legitimate studies. Why is this happening that people seem to want to trust hear-say as fact?

  • I’m going to begin to expose a few secrets on just how most of us get fooled by Miracle Healing Claim SCAMS or varying degrees of promises for false hopes, so you can better protect yourself.

PT Barrnum said it best, “There is sucker born every minute.”

It seems all too many people are duped into believing every sensatonal thing they read on line or hear from a “dear friend” who read something on a Facebook*** post about a product, a supliment or diet that “will cure what ails you”.

I am not saying that your “dear friend” lied to you. I’m not saying, either some or most of what was shared is not true, some what true or even 100% fact. .People passed on something in good faith that may or may not be entirely true. I think that more often than not “we” all are a victims of marketing tactics a best or even DUPED!

Yes, I mean DUPED, CONNED; Flim-Flammed;

You may have fallen for snake oil magician. I will give you some links to more credible sources, than my word alone, with tips to help my readers see how marketing magicians are blowing smoke out of the behinds on your mirror. And… you allowed it to happen to your self… and you may have been making unsubstantiated claims your self.(By pass your defensiveness with an open mind.I am going to typ-o how we all get taken advantage of.)

I have to admit that I have unfortunately fallen for some cons, myself. As part of my personal healing process I have researched on how I could have been so stupid!

But, don’t take my word for it that we Americans are the stuckers who are born every minute.

Please keep in mind that the lack of evidence is not proof of fact, fiction nor fraud, either. We simply may have not have the time to get the proper documented evidence. Let’s not accuse, convict nor release the suspects without a fair trial presented with proper evidence. Malika Bourne

Don’t take my word for it. Read well known source.

The Amazing Randi Exposes Frauds

. Check out the book Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions Paperback – January 1, 1982 by James Randi

Randi levels criticism at the sloppy study designs and faulty controls of the investigations into remote viewing by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.[2][3]

George Kauffman wrote, “Randi explores and exposes the outrageous deceptions widely promoted in the sensation-seeking media.”[4] The book calls on “researchers” to be accountable for their failures and impostures.[4][5] Randi writes the public is badly served by scientists investigating the paranormal who don’t adhere to the standards of their profession and shows how sloppy research was followed with rationalization of their failures.[4] …!


I love to inspire folks to making healthy choices whether I am face to face in person or in cyber space. I don’t have all the answers. I strive to NEVER make CLAIMS to make a buck. I’ll explain in my No Non-cents Nanna way then share some tips on how to know if a statement is something you should be participating in or not..

As a blogger and website owner I dabble with nutrional tips; routines and boundaries for better behavior; avoiding toxic and synthetic chemicals in our daily living-cleaning and hygiene using essentail oils not only because these are somethings I am passionate about, but they are what I was trained to do for my job for many years…

I first wrote this post after I decided to get out of the “natural” MLM business. I saw far too many fellow MLM’er practicing medicine with out a license in secret groups.

At times I have had to edit my opinionated choice of words to be more politically and legally correct. I do a lot of research and I find that some people’s blogs and websites are in for some stormy weather with how they make health claims… ( No Non-cents Nanna’s blog has been updated.)

I choose to eat nurtionally dense meals; I drink water to support my health and wellness choices…but I NEVER EVER make a claims of “CURES” or “healing. I do admit that probably I should be typo-ing the word “opinion” in more often along with more disclaimers like: ” not intended to be medial advice or not intended to be legal advice. (Very few people will read, any way.)


James Randi, the celebrated magician, has written a damning indictment of the faith-healing practices of the leading televangelists and others who claim divine healing powers. Randi and his team of researchers attended scores of “miracle services” and often were pronounced “healed” of the nonexistent illnesses they claimed. They viewed first-hand the tragedies resulting from the wide-spread belief that faith healing can cure every conceivable disease…

Why Not Tell EVERY one About My Cancer Cure?

  • First of all I have NOT been diagnosed with cancer.
  • I have NOTHING in the way of test results to indidcate “cancer” could be something a doctor would think about out diagnosing me with.
  • Why would a doctor not tell me something I not relevenat right now?

But, from where I sit from y typo-ing my opinion, I am hearing and reading “testimonisals” of “cancer healing” or “MS” healing ( My son has MS so we hear too much unsolicited “cures” too often.) How does anyone even know that any one even had the disease that was allegedly cured? We don’t, but “we” get excited over miracles, don’t “we” ( See links below on Facebook and Fake News.***)

Now does that mean my family doctor is not telling me about cancer cures that are “natural”?

Well, duh!!! That is a stupid statement!

Yet, how many people click and read articles on the internet with title something like ” 10 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Want you to Know” Then you share shocking points the writer of said article wrote claiming ” proof the medical community is lying to the public.”

On Chosing Miracle Cures: Fact, Falacy, Rumors or False Promises?

Your doctor won’t tell you the secret I know:

…is a sensational emotion provoking statement to get you to listen to a sales pitch. I wish people would stop clicking on those kinds of misguided headlines.

What I feel is even worse is that I do not seem to be able to get out of the house to socialize without a MLM of an ” all natural” product is approching me with that ignorant statement. “Your doctor won’t tell you the secret I know.”

A few days ago I opened Facebook to check on a family and friends. At the top of my message stream was posted a question something like this: “I’m curious to know how many times you have our taken your child to the doctor in 2017? Since I started giving x product to my family I not not taken my children to the doctor once. I used to take them all the time. Isn’t it about time you learned more about my brand x?”

I see this as a veiled attempt to to make a CLAIM that skirts around the FDA crack downs on non-compliant CLAIMS that a product “cures what ails ya!”

Atho’ I know the majority of MLMers are good people wanting to help others while earning some extra cash I am fed up with MLM’ers using those I know a secret they don’t want you to know tactic. (Keep reading How Magic Marketing Words Trick You)

It should not be a secret that NO doctor in their right mind will steer a patient towards anything with out legitmately documented research and an unapproved treatment. I’m not as stupid as you seem to be. Malika Bourne

How Magic Marketing Words Trick You

Emotionally stimulating words are very powerful tools in convincing most people to believe in a claim, even with out facts to back it up.

There seems to be a difference emotional involved or looking inside from an un-involved between making a choice based on emotion rather than facts.

Marketing expert know what words, the order of words and even colors to grab your attention to hold tightly on to your attention in order to convert you into a customer for their client.

If people only knew the truth behind the scenes: Secret words trigger emotions to get people to respond forming new beliefs; LIKING a post: social sharing sensational fake news… expert do not want the public to know the most effective emotional tirggering magic tricks that make you buy what they have to sell. I am not revealing their secret…so don’t click the link to my resource…..

10 Common–and Effective–Emotional Triggers


Good magicians know how to distract your attention to make your believe in their illusion. An “Illusion” is not a fact. Neither is a “testimony” with out properly documented research.

Faith healing preachers always use “testimonies to prove a miracle.” ( From my experience as church pianist for over a decade, even my beloved pastors used emotional phrases and emotion provoking music for altar call; call to action. Please open your eyes on this one.)

What is your problem?

When a business or a politian for example wants to get the positive attention of the puble they hire a marketing expert. The first rule in marketing is to immmediately tell the target market that you can solve their problem if you respond to the call of action.

There are words that Make You Look out of CURIOUSITY!

There used to be a sneaky game girls played at Slumber Parties. The hostess would leave the room saying, “While I’m gone. Don’t look under my bed. I hid my diary under under my pillow, so don’t read the secret I have about my boy friend and I.”

What did the party guests do? They looked at the deep dark forbidden secrets they were told to not look at. Then the hostess would jump out with evidience of the guests snooping. She had set them up as she she had secretly had the old movie camera filming behind the book shelf.

Curiostiy Provoking Words are used anytime someone wants to sell or get you to do you something. Here are 5 examples

  • private
  • banned
  • confidential
  • controvertial

But there are many more words that get you to do things you would not oredinarily do. Marketing specialists do not want these 380 High Emotion Persuasive Words exposed.


When you are trying to sell people a solution, what you are REALLY doing is evoking desire by making them imagine their best possible future with your solution

The 30 magic marketing words you should be using

Practicing Medicine Without a License

I did practice as a registered nurse for over 30 years. I followed standards of care as dictated by law. But what does that mean to you as a viewer or follower?

  • I was educated know better than to claim I can cure any disease or health condition.
  • But most people do not realize they are making claims they should .


Click HERE to read one source of many explaining the meaning of ” to practice medicine without a licence.”

Bloggers simply can NOT EVER EVER EVER tell you how to treat or cure a specific health problem.

Your Family doctor of 20 years legally can’t treat you in the parking lot of the grocery store, either so don’t ask him/her for medical advise in the grocery store.

  • I admit, I have had to make more than a few corrections on my blogs. I do make more than typo mistakes as well.
  • I am trying diligently to correct anything and everything that can be misleading that I have posted.
  • My desire is to be trust worthy as a blogger and still be somewhat opinionated based on my many years of actual life experiences.

Why am I making this statement?

I have been aware during these frontier days on the internet that a number of blogs and websites have been forced to close down by the FDA. New sites pop up and they will shut down for making more claims they shoudl not as well.

That is unfortunate, to say the least, for the website owner who put in so much work with the of helping people live a better or healthier life. As I recall a few years back that I was not reading any DISCLAIMERS on the blogs I was reading. Tho” I wsa posting disclaimer notices

Trusted readers who believed in the claims as being share-worthy, unknowinly shared claims they should have never passed on as fact. The FDA in its efforts to protect us don’t allow certain statements even if very nice people only copy and paste then repeat often with out giving credit to the original author.

Click HERE to read the basics of violating Copyright Laws

*This will explain why you can no longer find that piece of information you were looking for. Blogs and Websites get shut down for copyright violations and or making claims which they should not do – yet “we” all tend to want on that band wagon and react with emotional sharing on line.

I do want to encourage you all to always read this legally required statement that should have been posted on many blogs but never were posted:

“*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. ____ products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any ____ product. “

99% of the time I remember to post that statement on my blog when I write about ____products which I receive bonus and commission from.

  •  I am required to make that statement*also when I promote said product. . I am also required to let my readers know that I am NOT the company,but a an advocate trying to sell a product to make money.

Bloggers MUST follow copyright laws.

Plagerizing may seem a little off topic, but all too many are copy and pasting s if they were the experts when they are only bloggers hoping ot make money on their blogs with monitization. too many don’t bother to reseach.

  • Quoting is a good thing to do provided we all have credited our sources.
  • For those who read websites DO look for credited sources of the information shared. If you don’t see any credits given ask the blogger in the comment section why they are an authority of if they are merely expressing an opinion. ( You should question a blogger or website for credentials.)
  • Before sharing or re-sharing eye catching headlines on a article be very certain that post is legitimately credited.

Too much bogus information goes viral-making it impossible to retrieve a rumors even if the original site was forced to shut down months ago. Some people still take that to the bank. Be sure to check the laws about possibly being responsible for what you share on line. At the very least when you copy and paste, please site your sources so reader can cehck the validy of the source themselves. Do you want your blog page taken down because it looks like you can up with the claims? Think about it.

Validating Resources:

Back in the 1960’s I was a student librarian. That was prefect volunteer job for some one who loved to read for good content. I was a great researcher. At that time, my home town library would not have had books that were not credible, I assume. Until recently most books’ contents had to pass the scrunity of publishers. My late father-in-law was a rare self-publishers at the time. ( Another story.) Now days most authors are self-published. Websites and Blogs are mostly self published passing no ones care full eye during the self prinitng process.

Students do need a set of encyclopedias from the library or a set the folks at purcahsed from teh door to door sales man. Kid research on line. Teachers may not approve the resources student use..with some imagination we don’t have to do any guessing…YIKES!

What soures might teachers see as credible?

You’ve Been Cited: Valid Internet Sources for Student Research

Wickpedia is on the above list. I admit I send readers to that source for defintions. the above link is meant for teachers adn kids, not professional research. but the post does make valid points to think about.

Is a Tweet or a blog post valid evidence?

Hell, no! Yet, all too many good people repeat iner net Social Shares as facts.

Internet Research Tips Finding Reliable Online Sources

Have your ever thought about investigating an author? Well, in my opinion, if you are going to be quoting a claim of “Miraculous cures the FDA doesn’t want you to know about” or how they can be prescribing treatments to people they don’t know…ARE YOU STUPID to not know anything about why this person thinks they have authority?



What Make a Valid Source for Evidence Based Practice:

This post is for Pysical therapist at the Kindred company. It shows that a PT writing a professional paper needs far more than “Hear-say”. click to read criteria for presenting valid evidence.

How to Evaluate the Credibility of a Source

Wiki How is a great source for beginners who want to learn the basics on almost anything.


My statements are in general and not directed at any one.

  • Feel free to discuss your general concerns in the comments.
  • Let’s all see what official resources we can find to back up the answers we are looking for.
  • Be sure to check out FTC regulations as even Granny could loose her home over something as Innocent as sgaring a copy right recipe from a magazine as her own.
  • Do you really KNOW for fact what the FDA does or doesn’t do? I you have not read the bascis I suggest you do before blaming the FDA for not approving “natural remedies”.

.For the basic on How the FDA Works the article at this link is fairly simple explaination



Many good people feel they have been forced into the ravages of governmental hurricanes and floods of unfair restrictions. There have been information purges and many more stormy times to come that will force necesary changes. As a heavy rain can wash away lots of good things that needed cleaning, after the storm we can see the signs that the rain was a very good thing when we see a rainbow in the sky. It will all work out. if you build a life saving boat with accurate knowledge. Change is good!

I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna encouraging you to Make Good Choices!


Hear Say Definition

Copy right Basic

Faith Healers Faith-Healers-James-Randi-ebook/dp/B00508VPYW

What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew

The 30 Magic marketing Words Words

380 High Emotin Words

10 Common–and Effective–Emotional Triggers

The links on articles about Facebook are only sort of related to this post. I hope you click on the links to read. I think you will learn more about how Facebook works making the social networking site vulnerable..

***What Facebook is Doing to Combat Fake News

***Why Facebook Can’t Stop Fake News

***Watch Out for the Laset Scam on Facebook Top 9 Most Common Facebook Scams:

Five Hidden Dangers of Facebook


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