On Chosing Miracle Cures: Fact, Falacy, Rumors or False Promises?

When faced with a chronic illness or debilitating disease we all want to know,

” What is the scoop on why the US Government’s FDA is not allowing natural remedies on the market to cure diseases when allegedly ‘there is proof’ out there with alternative treatments? Don’t drugs have side-effects that the “natural” methods don’t have?”

Updated 3/35/2020 With the COVID-19 pandemic the internet is overload with claims of vitamins, herbs, oils and other products that will prevent disease and give miracles cure…WARNING! Only your doctor can diagnose, treat or prescribe. It is too early to have any kind off data on what vitamins, herbs, supplements or foods may or may not ward off any COVID-19- BEWARE of false claims.

In general, doctors will tell you to eat a healthy diet- everything in moderation. Some people need to avoid certain food, certain vitamins, certain medications even if those things are natural. I have added some credible articles in this post to learn why I encourage you to avoid reacting in a panic to TWEETs and Social shares on Facebook that tells you things “your doctor won’t tell you.”

Which is better and safer to treat “ailments” with ” Natural food, herbs, or ” chemical drugs? The opinion in this post may surprise you. #natrual #drugs #treament #medicaions #FDA #herbs


I have news for you… there are many rumors/ urban legends; scams; misinformation; lack of funds; governmental regulations FDA.; partial truths; and lack of properly documented facts when it comes to treating health and wellness. If having a loved one needing major medical care isn’t enough, we have to wade through unfamiliar sources that we may want to look for treatment options. There is simply no easy answer.

I will share links to articles that will explain, in my mind, why there are such conflicting opinions on why traditional medicine is not prescribing more  “natural cures” to be used in the US for health maintenance; chronic health conditions and illness and debilitating diseases.

I hope you will continue to research more on your own then make an informed decision about why those Miracle Cures are not being prescribed by MD?. Are they Fact, Fallacy, or Urban Legend?

When the facts don’t add up or not well documented for proof then there is no conclusive evidence that medical claim is valid. Yet, people talk…making claims.

Facebooks posts are going viral, chain letters are being sent by private message with so-called natural cures for COVID-19.

Honestly, most people will not get the pandemic virus in 2020. 80% who do will not have serious symptoms as far as the authorities know so far. Many will carry COVID-19 and remain healthy looking.

Medical doctors and scientists simply do not have enough collected information to know everything.

This means that people who are promoting products such as supplements – have not worked with very ill people with COVID-19 are making false promises that they have no business trying to sell to people who are feeling fearful of the unknown.

i would think that unless a food, an herbs a supplement that has not been scientifically tested that an anecdotal testimony is a false promise.

Any social media posts or virtual meeting claiming to offer some miracle protection- should not be selling their products. Please report them to the FDA.


Natural Remedies and Supplements for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are natural remedies for coronavirus (COVID-19)? Do supplements like zinc, vitamin C, or herbals work?

Many supplements and natural or other alternative treatments are being promoted to prevent or treat coronavirus (COVID-19). None have been proven to work, but some have potential benefit. Here’s what you need to know, and we’ve grouped these approaches in the following categories:

Vitamin and minerals that can help with coronavirus if you’re not getting enough

Supplements that maypossibly help reduce symptoms of coronavirus

Supplements and products unlikely to help with coronavirus and could be dangerous

For people who do choose to try elderberry extract, it’s helpful to know that it appears to be generally well-tolerated.

...people who are allergic to grass pollen may have allergic reactions to elderberry.

There is no evidence that elderberry extract can prevent COVID-19 or reduce symptoms in people who have been infected.

Never consume raw elderberries, as these contain toxic compounds that can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and diarrhea.

…here is no current evidence that eating garlic or taking a garlic supplement can help prevent or treat COVID-19, as noted on the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Myth busters website.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate sleep … has also been suggested on some websites as a potential treatment in COVID-19, although there are no reports of such use or of a proven benefit.

clinical study using 600 mg of NAC taken twice daily during flu season found that it did not prevent infection but fewer infected people were symptomatic. Evidence is weak for its purported ability to thin mucus during infections like colds.

…Until more is known, it’s not clear if taking isoquercetin or quercetin supplements can help prevent or treat COVID-19 or what dosage would be effective.

Be aware that only a small percentage of curcumin taken orally is absorbed. …Turmeric and curcumin, as well as black pepper extract — a type of bioavailability enhancer, can interact with many medications.



Always tell you primary doctor what herbs and supplements you are using.


Most people are aware of the controversy amongst the CAMS over the FDA “restrictions” on natural remedies and cures. There are no easy answers and I sure don’t know everything: I have a lot I want to say about the FDA versus alternative medicine to well-meaning people to argue only on the “natural” side.


Added 3/25/2020 due influx of “practicing medicine without license online” due to COVD-19

I am ready far too many posts shared by well-meaning people thinking that they need to share a miracle cure. My gut reaction is why don’t we all just wear a string of garlic around our necks to ward off vampires. OR learn to properly wash our hands with soap under running water?


Supplements Won’t Protect You From COVID-19

Elderberry syrup? Vitamin C? If you’re looking for extra protection from the coronavirus, please put those back on the pharmacy shelf and go home and wash your hands. Yes, even if Doctor Oz just told you to buy them.

…chain letter floating around that includes advice to take zinc lozenges to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Various influencers, some with medical credentials and some without, have been tweeting and Facebooking advice about vitamins or supplements or even specific diets as if they protect against the virus.

But the truth is, the evidence for each of these supplements to treat or prevent any condition is weak to nonexistent.

Even Vitamin C doesn’t do much to prevent colds, despite its reputation as some kind of magic immune booster.




Everyone seems to be vitamin crazy in the 21st century….might not all be as beneficial for you as you may think.

Now before you freak out, just remember that you can get healthy, recommended doses of most vitamins and minerals through actual food that is healthy for you—remember food?—and these won’t hurt you.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular vitamins and supplements that you shouldn’t be taking.

Please click th elink to read the entire arcticle

  1. …high volumes of calcium in our diet, calcium supplements can actually be dangerous, particularly for people over 50
  2. …irons…an excess of that in your body can lead to constipation, vomiting and nausea…excess folic acid contained in the vitamins can leave you with a rapid heart rate, tingling in your toes, and memory loss.
  3. ….supplement…used post-workout in order to build and repair muscle…should only take it under medical supervision.
  4. …For the most part, vitamin C tablets are harmless. However, 2000mg or more can increase your risk of kidney stones—…
  5. …some brands of protein bars and shakes…for you men folk….can have an estrogen effect, which becomes stronger in older men…already having trouble balancing their estrogen and testosterone levels. ..
  6. … yohimbine…a substance that can appear in supplements that are used to treat ED…result in serious heart arrhythmia problems, as well as high blood pressure.
  7. …money wasters that result in little more than expensive urine. … risk of death is actually increased for those who had engaged in long-term use of multivitamins, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc, and copper.

Seriously, just eat some vegetables!


Updated 3/25/2020 on Beware of overdosing of vitamins to ward off seasonal influenza, COVID-19 or everyday health issues


 everything from bottled water to orange juice … vitamins and minerals in it. That may sound like a way to help cover your nutritional bases…routinely getting an overload of vitamins and minerals can hurt you.Too much vitamin C or zinc could cause nauseadiarrhea, and stomach cramps.

Too much selenium could lead to hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, and mild nerve damage.

While most people aren’t getting megadoses, if you eat a fortified cereal at breakfast, grab an energy bar between meals, have enriched pasta for dinner, and take a daily supplement, you could easily be over the recommended daily intake of a host of nutrients.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid overdoing it… the answers are in the article at this link Click HERE to read to full information.







 Urban Legends: old wives’ tales and testimonial claims are not valid facts.

Many MLM‘s with healthy and “natural” products who give testimonials and make claims, eventually learn that the FDA and other governmental agencies do not allow non-compliant claims to be made no matter how emotional the claimant feels about a product. They may feel that Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother is watching.

In the first place, an anecdotal “testimony” does not include documented diagnoses made from an appropriate expert. Nor does an anecdotal testimony share mountains of documented research studies on how the claim was made. (How Documented Research gets approved by the FDA will be addressed in this post. )

Yet, we all tend to repeat here-say evidence, from time to time, without researching the validity.

This post will be broken down into sections: my personal statement and opinions; some surprising revelations on herbs and drugs that you may not know and some basics about the FDA that you may not already know.


Disclaimer: I wrote this as my opinionated statement for people I personally talk to. The general public is free to read, but don’t quote me as an authority, because I’m not an authority. This post is not meant as medical nor legal advice. I hope you find it entertaining opinion with links to credible sources.


On a Personal Note:

I want to make a statement on why my son and I have not depended on any Miracle Cures. I can’t say what I want to say in just one sentence. That is not natural for a verbose person like myself.

My adult son who has Progressive MS and I want to do whatever is reasonably possible to help him have the best quality of life as he can have…

I am told about those alternative natural treatments by loving and intelligent people at least once almost every week. Thank you for caring…but…

I feel like people inadvertently assume my son and I am too stupid to figure out things on my own. Rather than argue or better informed over the phone or in-person about credible treatment options I wrote this very long post explaining my points with related links to reliable resources.

My son needs help to do his daily care. He asked for help in messages to people he has known for decades. The answers that come are not the “help” he has asked for.

…Many people love my son. They want to help him get well. They may say,
I’ll pray for you.”..

or they insist:

You have to do this MS diet!…”


…”so why are you not embracing the ALL NATURAL CURES ?”


” Why are you not going to this or that church for faith healings with endless prayer chains to drive out the MS devil etc ?”

I’ve heard it all! But, NONE of those suggestions help my son from day to day to perform basic tasks of daily living that most of us take for granted, to say the least.

( I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone’s belief system. But, I have to say, let us get the facts before jumping to conclusions. Making an uninformed judgment on someone else’s life and choices are offensive to me rather than supportive.)

Eating densely nutritious foods; adding needed supplements and drinking good water is essential to most everyone’s health, but, there are no real promises to a Fountain of Youth.

You may have read about a “miracle diet protocol for people with Multiple Sclerosis or the Natural Herbal Supplements; herbs; essential oils; electric stimulation; exercise; colonics, healing water, and prayer. Everyone is talking about these in their social circles of choice.

I have read about all this, too. In fact, my son and I may know more information than most people you meet on the street.

My son and I are put into an awkward position when well-meaning folks reach out suggesting a “cure” they heard about.

We don’t want to pop anyone exciting news balloon when anyone reaches out to help, but a “cure’ is not what he needs the most. He needs day to day help to care for his basic needs more than anyone can imagine. Getting volunteers to come in to care for him would be a miracle, but that would be too much of a sacrifice for busy friends to do the dirty work that is involved in caring for anyone as physically disabled as he now is.

Trust me, when I say that my son and I have:

  • researched and researched how to keep him comfortable enough to maintain some quality of life
  • … We both accepted his condition.
  • I even use many of those diet protocol recipes and have done so for years;
  • use essential oils;
  • I use good spices in my cooking
  • practice spirituality for support and…
  • accepted his condition.

There is more to living a quality life than miracle cures.

Living a quality life with what you have to work with is not a failure, nor is acceptance an unpardonable sin.

Acceptance is not GIVING UP.

Acceptance simply means we are doing the best we can to live with that hand he got dealt, for whatever reason. We must spend our energy on a day to day support his quality of life rather than grasp at straws with false hopes for a cure as the “only acceptable option”.

I see that offering a poorly documented study without knowing the facts is taking the risk of offering false hope. That is my opinion right now because I am so tired as a caregiver. I need a break. Who, besides my daughter helps me do my son’s cares? No one. We need face to face help; not advice or platitudes.


Acceptance is natural nor is it a drug cure.

https://www.thefreedictionary.com/accept #5


Acceptance is mentally more healthy than it is to have unrealistic expectations and not fully living.

There is a big difference in understanding the difference between the word “cure” and the word “support”. I think well-meaning and the sick or disabled can get these 2 words confused.

My son needs loving support from friends and family the most…not false hopes for a cure from an unproven method.




False hopes…There are all too many unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of people who are experiencing the feeling of desperateness from shock/disbelief and denial that something, in varying degrees of “bad”, has happened to their life.

How does anyone really, really, really have proof that one remedy works and another one are a scam?

We don’t know for sure solely on “word of mouth.” Nor is “having faith” a measurable outcome.

When looking for some kind of treatment, don’t we all want to know that the one prescribing and treating actually has experience with the exact problem you want to be fixed?

Well, I do expect that, even if others don’t. I certainly don’t want mistakes that will more harm than good nor waste energy, time nor money on something that has not to be proven for a fact. Too much of any good thing can be harmful, even if “natural”.

I for one, want documented evidence versus word of mouth.

I want blood work and vital signs monitors and an MRI now and then so we can see if there is anything happening. Insurance won’t pay for an MRI just because…

But, I don’t think everyone would agree with me on how a fact should be determined.

Why did he get sick?

  • We don’t know why my handsome, athletic son got MS.
  • He never had a sick day in his life.
  • I breastfed him. I even fed him food I grew in my garden.
  • Bad things happen to good people and we can’t explain it.
  • “We live in a world that not perfect”, is my answer as to “why my son?”.
  • Could we have prevented the disease from starting? We really don’t know.

No one has all the answers to life’s trials and troubles. Things just happen.

What, then, can we for a family member or a friend who has a life-changing diagnosis if a cure is not what they are looking for?

  • We can “support” them emotionally or offer to do something like pick up groceries or help do laundry.
  • We can give preventative care to try to prevent secondary complications.

What to say to help someone in need?

Years ago I read a wonderful book that helped me as a nurse to support my patients when the unexpected to the worst happened. I hope you will get a copy of the book below then after reading it share it with family and friends.

 Bad Things Happen to Good People. [By Harold S. Kushner: When Bad Things Happen to Good People]

I watched a video where Rabbi Kusher spoke before groups about his son. As I recall, he told the audience to take notes as he was going to tell them how to help others when they were dealing with a bad situation. I watched the audience poise their pens for a profound revelation.

What the wise man, Kushner revealed will shock you.

He stated, ” Say, ‘I’m sorry. Then Shut Up.‘ “

I often wish well-meaning folks would just SHUT UP about fixing my son’s “malady”. We did not ask anyone to “fix his disease.”

Those wonderful people who call my son on the phone just to talk or share their day is the greatest blessing they can give him if they can’t come over to our home to bathe and dress him or transfer him into his wheelchair.


  • “We” all want to jump in to FIX others problems.
  • “We” feel helpless with our own vulnerability and mortality thus “we” don’t know what to do to help someone who makes us feel uncomfortable with the fact that life can turn on a dime for anyone, including “me”.
  • We want to feel good about helping someone else less fortunate.

Then “we” read or hear about the success of a “miracle cure”…

  • “We” are anxious to share the sensational titles that have eye-catching words like “secrets the FDA doesn’t want you to know about”.
  • We want to BELIEVE in something that offers HOPE.

Not a Miracle Cure:

If there were cures for every illness, then, I hope everyone experiences a cure…but, reality can really bite!

When things can’t be fixed perfectly, then what?

The best support to give a loved one may be to accept the ill person’s acceptance of their illness.

Kubler-Ross’s work enlightened me on stages of grief we humans all go through when we experience a loss. ( That includes learning you have a disease.)

On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief Through the Five Stages of Loss by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler

On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Ira Byock M.D.

We told you so!

When I was very young my parents were members of the Natural Food Association. They were odd-balls at the time. It was embarrassing to be eating weird looking food at the school lunch table.

In the 1950’s mind you, there still were not that many processed foods as there are today and many families were still employing Granny’s Home Remedies to “cure” the sickly in the family without going to see a medical doctor. Most of the time, no one was ever seen by a doctor for a real diagnosis, either. This means that tho’ Granny swore by her”cures” we don’t have any real documented evidence to use today.

At age 8 or 9 I knew more about this and that herb and what food is good for this or that body part than the average adults knows today… don’t be impressed. I herd my parents quoting books all the time.

Regurgitating an overdose of knowledge or passing judgment on possible mistakes does not make anyone immune from “life happens”.

Eating a well-blanced diet combined with exercise certainly seems to help people feel better and be more productive.

Americans, for some reason, thought of the Natural Food folks as quacks. Now it is a trend that people are just discovering. After 50 or 60 years American have failed to heed warnings by Natural Foods Advocates and books like 1962 Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Lois Darling and Louis Darling

..so, what are we to do now with all the toxic exposure in our environment?

My parents had a copy of Silent Spring when I was 12. I read it way back then, but, did not understand what the author was saying, back then.

Now I DO understand. I think is sickening that we allowed the toxic to take over.

We were all warned that we would poisoning our planet. Now we all have more health problems than ever. Once the damage is done, there may be no going back. But we all want the fastest and cheapest for the most money profit..it is human nature…you might say, “greed is natural human nature” and we may all be sicker from it. I really can say if we are smarter than the previous generations or not?

…WHY did we not listen to the “prophets”?

  • Is the United States government not taking care of its people?
  •  Perhaps it is all about PROFIT of big drug companies?

We don’t show everything that we are exposed to that we should not have been. We can’t undo many toxic exposures that will make us sick. We will then have to make do the best we can with what we have available.

I have no reasonably humane idea why people don’t want the spend money to save the world from hunger and disease…except…maybe is has everything to with perception of the public. (To be Addressed below.)

  • We smart grown-ups don’t always make good choices. We don’t listen when we should have.
  • We can base our opinions on our perception and can be wrong.

Is the US government FDA to blame for the US not be as healthy as it should be?

I don’t think so. Big Pharm Brother is not forcing fast food crap down your throats nor telling you to glue your face to the boob tube either.

Do your own research? Read reliable resources/ Make the best choices you can with what you have available.


If “we the people” are going to blame the FDA on not allowing “natural remedies” instead of “drugs with side effects” to be marketed then I believe “we the people” must understand how the FDA works before we jump to erroneous conclusions as in Games of Telephone.

  • Just because we read a book, or follow a post on Facebook does not make any claim true or false, about the “failure of the FDA” to approve good stuff, does it?
  • If you read half of a fact do you know if it is true or false?
  • Which product do you buy? The one that is well marketed and nicely packaged or the bulk in a barrel? Which is better for you?

In my above questions, I did not give you enough information to answer anything, did I? Think about it, because most information shared/ claimed has not ever been checked out before sharing that tidbit with another person.

It is my opinion that CAM has failed to present adequate documentation of safety. They give testimonies or talk a lot without documented proof. That lack of documented studies may very well be due to a lack of funds to research properly.

Why are YOU not donating funds to reliable documented studies for natural remedies instead of complaining about dumb doctors or big drug companies?

Who is to blame for lack of cures for the sick?

The CAMS, I know, seems to blame the FDA for neglecting to research the “natural remedies”…that blame is faulty. Below I share links to how the FDA works. You may want to re-think the blame game and redraw your own better-informed conclusions.


About Me

I admit that I have one foot on the Natural side and the other foot on the side of US governmental regulations for safety. If you have read this far, I may have pissed you off with my opinion already.

I have a degree in Nursing.

I grew up on Natural Foods and herbs in the 1950s

I am not knocking anyone’s product. Ther are wonderful products that DO offer support to many diets. But that is ALL they are allowed by law to do: support.

I sold essential oils as a natural support for a while and I still use them for support.

I’m not an expert, but, I am very well informed on both sides of the fence of natural and traditional medicine. I am very good at researching. ( Not so good at typing.)

I get annoyed with MLM reps who memorized and rattle off what EO’s or supplements will do for what ailments”.

  • How many poor diseased people have they actually even known in their lifetime to be considered as credible enough to prescribe a treatment?
  • I will hazard a guess. They don’t know many people, personally, who an “ailment and was cured”.

In my experience and opinion, CAMS may quote a book on published folklore remedies used many people over the generations: good folks who had no other alternatives to try at that time in history. Do we know for sure that a remedy worked on a particular disease that may have been home diagnosed?

No, we don’t know for sure.

All we know is that many people have used those “curative” for a long, long time. Those old herbal books are proof that these natural recipes were published decades ago and used by many people…nothing more in the way of proof.

For decades I witnessed Heath Food store people, MLM reps and preachers who are giving TESTIMONIALS of healings. They feel they know the secret to “cure ailments” from a list of signs and symptoms that the “big bucks pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know.”. Or faith healers claim supernatural means of healing and people witness the event, sort of, like when we go to a magic show.

How do we even know the said person even had said disease in the first place?

We don’t know because there is no legitimate documentation. Believe what you feel is right in your heart, but, show me the numbers on documents as real evidence.

The FDA may crackdown on very good natural products because the MLM sellers were overstepping boundaries with claims. ( There is no enough legitimate proof. That does not mean it does or does not work.)

The CAMs get defensive and blame the FDA. In my opinion, these companies’ representatives are blaming the FDA for “being bad” without really understanding how the FDA works nor legally what “practicing medicine without a license” is or why making a medical claim is against the law. (See links below.)

There are fine lines here that many do not understand that they are crossing.

What I want to know is if “we”, who are convinced that there are alternative cures, why are we wasting time bitching, when we could be focusing on getting funds for proper research so the FDA will accept then approve?

Call me crazy, but it is a thought that is so crazy it just may work.

Argument: Drugs are Chemicals while Herbs are Natural

X amount of training does not make me an expert; nor does working in a health food store make one an expert either.

Doctors are not trained in herbology when they get their license to practice medicine. Medical professionals take an oath “ to do no harm”. If a doctor does not know how safe a product is nor in x amount, that risk could violate the oath to do no harm.

I have another question:

Why are so many people NOT telling their primary care doctor that they take vitamin supplements or are enjoying their cups of herbal tea? You should. I know I do.


Here’s another fact you may not have known:

Doctors do not have the same amount of pharmaceutical education as does your corner drug store pharmacist either. (Exception: Doctors gets into Med School by enrolling in the college of pharmacy first. I knew a few docs who did just that.) Doctors are taught how to prescribe and give orders. Let’s get the delegation of tasks in order: CNA makes the beds and empties the bedpans. Nurses pass the pills…and are responsible to know the side effects and be aware of tracking changes positive or negative- then report to the doctor.

Whenever you fill a prescription, by law, the techs are supposed to ask you if you want to talk to the pharmacist about the drug. I advise you to say “YES” then ask questions on how to safely use that drug specifically for you.

Did you know that most people don’t read the directions for the drugs they take? So, who is responsible for not knowing about the drug the doctor prescribes you before you put it in your mouth to swallow? You or the doctor?

( There are regulations and laws against making claims and practicing medicine without a license. FindLaw.com gives a definition: http://healthcare.findlaw.com/patient-rights/what-is-the-unauthorized-practice-of-medicine.html )



Can we ASSUME all FDA approved prescriptions safe?

Hell NO! Read this:


Should we assume all MD’s are in good standing to practice medicine?

No. We can’t assume every doctor is in his right mind or competent. Neither can we assume the gal at the health food store nor the MLM with the “natural” capsules is either.



Why aren’t MD prescribing diets that cure disease or natural cures, then?

Frankly, I am getting bored with hearing this complaint about traditional medical doctors.

Doctors may only practice, treat and prescribe according to what they are licensed to practice to do.

Now don’t be starting on a rant about rich doctors not spending proper time with you to tell you about natural cures etc!

It is YOUR responsibility to choose healthy lifestyles. Your doctor should not have to hold your hand every day. You make your own choices.

When “we” need help making better choices to improve our health, it is YOUR responsibility to ask the appropriate person for help. The doctor doesn’t do anything. They can not even mind reading. They can make referrals for you: dietitian or physical therapist as an example, but YOU have to initiate the conversation at a scheduled appointment time.

A doctor can not prescribe anything unless it has been approved. I know it is said that “doctor works for the insurance companies” nowadays…

…take chill pill here with the THAT’s NOT BEING FAIR when we want more natural treatments!

What doctor in his right mind wants to go into debt with student loans, spending years in medical school only to get sued and lose his/her license to practice medicine by telling you to take a non-approved “herb”? Of course, he. she is not going to tell you about he/ she may be reading journal on “not yet approved studies” out there that he/she has done in the privacy of their own home on his/ her time off…. unless he/ she doesn’t care about the risks…

(Each practitioner must decide how they can do the most good. Is it worth the risk to experiment with an unknown?)

Want to know what scares the crap out of me?

.. how so many people who read a book, or 2, or watch a few YouTube videos, or ask questions in closed Facebook groups then think they are sharing secrets the “US government doesn’t want us to know .” They do NOT know anything about body chemistry or anatomy and physiology, so how can they know all the answers either?

The FDA DOES know about “alternatives” There must be thousands upon thousands of not yet approved alternatives. They even post as other private citizens do. When they see a non-compliant CLAIM or an improper wording they will step up to your doorstep and knock to help you fix the problem.

“But, herbs or essential oils aren’t chemical with side effects like drugs are!”


  • Everything has a chemical composition! Even an herb or a carrot is composed of chemicals
  • The wrong amount of anything will give an adverse reaction…and there is a BIG PROBLEM, whether you like it or not, about natural cures. How does one know how much to give or by what method?

Think about how natural water is.

Now, hold your head underwater for 20 minutes…what happens?

Will you hold your hand in boiling water for 10 minutes?

Think about the reasons why won’t you do stick your hand in boiling water at all or know why you can’t stay under natural water for too long.

The word “natural” is not a guarantee of how good anything is for anyone. How will people know how much to use for what size and age of the person?

How can anyone be sure of an honest product?

You can’t be sure. Even when a product is marked “organic” or “herbal”.

Hopefully, the US regulating agencies are making sure that goods we Americans are buying food to eat, drink, clothes to wear, and using are safe products… but, don’t count it… If not a product should get recalled…and too often the recall is too late after a tragedy. Goods coming in from out the US may not have those safety standards in place.

In trending news, as an example, there have been reports of FAKE RICE.

Isn’t rice full of healthy nutrients that have sustained cultures forever? How can you FAKE RICE? What do you with that off-topic news? Do you know if it is FACT or FICTION?


What about the “Stupid” FDA? Why are they not marketing herbal remedies?

There are many “ailments” and health issues; 300,000 listed diseases. Which disease is a priority to study?

There also seems to be a long list of drugs for this and that all having side effects. Herbal, essential oil remedies, natural diets, and supplements have been used in other countries for generations with “success” they say.

: How then is the FDA not ‘looking into’ the natural method of treatment?”


I think there is a lot of misguided perceptions.

One major problem with a lack of federal oversight on herbal supplements is the public perception of herbs. Pharmaceuticals, especially prescription drugs, tend to be perceived as potent chemicals. Regard for the potential danger prescription drugs can pose is more pronounced.

…the more regulated a substance is, the more dangerous it is perceived to be.

Likewise, a substance that almost completely lacks any regulation might appear harmless. What’s more, because they’re naturally occurring, the chemicals found in herbs may be perceived by the public as less harmful than a drug produced by chemists in labs [source: Johnston].

This perception can prove dangerous. Although they’re not synthetic, herbs contain powerful chemical compounds as well. 


How safe do you l think licorice is?

 Even herbs can have side effects.

I love black licorice whether it is candy or licorice herbal tea.

It is “good ” for many people, but, not for me. I have a rare adrenal disorder which affects my potassium levels ad my blood pressure. If I were to pig out on licorice root tea, YUM! My blood pressure would skyrocket enough to give me a stroke and my pulse would drop very low. Eating x amount of black licorice will raise blood pressure and drop your pulse rate. I really don’t need to add fuel to my adrenal problem now do I?

Sometimes at Halloween time, the news will warn TV viewers to not eat too much licorice. Don’t take my word for it. Google it, yourself.

I knew something you may not have known…

Below is a few examples that I already knew about. But I don’t want you to take my word for anything without researching your self. ( You can’t believe everything you read on-line as the truth. I am sharing credible quotes with links)

Monkshood, for example, can stop the heart or lungs, killing a human within a couple hours of even handling it [source: University of Pennsylvania].

When eaten, the leafy herb jimsonweed causes strong hallucinations — a detachment of soldiers in the Jamestown colony “turned natural fools upon it for several days” after they ate the weed in a salad in 1676 [source: Beverly]. In more extreme cases, the herb can cause death by lowering pulse and body temperature.

… regulated prescription drugs … have much in common with many herbs available in stores. The sedative diazepam — …( Valium) a Schedule III drug under Drug Enforcement Agency classification — is a synthesized, nearly identical version of valerian. Anyone can purchase this root in limitless quantity at most herb stores.

And aspirin (once a trade name itself) was originally synthesized from white willow [source: Stein].


Get the FACTS

  • A testimony is not a FACT
  • Word of mouth is not a FACT.
  • An emotional feeling is not a FACT

Something may be true as can be. But, treatment must be proved to be safe to use in a certain amount for a certain time with documented researched evidence. And even then, studies can be skewed.


Why doesn’t the FDA regulate herbal supplements?

I have to ask you about this?

Do you think a carrot or piece of kale has the exact same nutrient values if they are grown in different countries, or in a different state? Will there be a difference if a food is grown hydroponically of grown in fertile soil in the state of Iowa?

There is a big difference in how and where a plant ingrown. ( Includes MMJ sold legally in Colorado.)


Let me ask you this? If you ordered a One-Size-Fits-All (without measurements) dress on-line can you be sure it would fit you?

If you were trying to match a color on that One-Size-Fits-All dress to the flowers ad decorations on your cake you ordered for your wedding, do you think the colors will match up when the dress arrives in the mail?

The answer is NO, you can’t be sure of that dress fitting you nor of the colors matching. Duh! There are too many variables.

My favorite essential oil company uses plants where they are indigenously grown. This really helps with consistency when tested for chemical composition. However, there is still not enough documented evidence for the FDA to approve for marketing any cures. Proof of how an even the best eo, herb or food may support is still not valid enough to make a claim for medical treatment.



No No-cents Nanna Makes Statement about CLAIMS Made On-line

Companies who grow herbs or plants for EO’s that are grown than in their back yard will not have the same measurable values. And that is a huge challenge when attempting to document valid studies; too many variables.

Please note: there are synthetic essential oils. A synthetic anything will not have the full properties of the real thing, but there may well be consistent variables. I am NOT advocating synthetics. But, the consistency in measurable levels I think is one major reason why the more natural is not being used as we would like to see.


When you turn on the television news these days, there’s a good chance you’ll hear two pundits having a heated debate about the merits of government regulation. Some feel it’s costly and hampers progress while others feel it’s necessary to keep businesses honest. As a regulatory agency, the FDA is certainly no stranger to this controversy. A quick look back at the agency’s history shows that both sides of the regulation debate have some valid points.




When you pick up a prescription at a pharmacy, you get a list of common side effects. Regardless of the drug, the most common side effects are nausea and vomiting, allergic reactions, drowsiness, insomnia, heart problems (such as heart palpitations) and dependence. Often, there’s something that you can do to help lessen the possibility of unwanted side effects. … take on an empty stomach, for example, so it’s a pretty simple fix to eat something.










History and Milestones of FDA

The FDA is not perfect, yet, but it have improved safety in the US dramatically.


You have to APPLY to the FDA for APPROVAL

The FDA does not go looking for stuff to approve. The researchers must fill out the proper application with valid research results.

The FDA does look for compliance on claims, tho’ as they should. Their job is to ensure the safety of consumed products in the US. While there are so many good people doing research there are all too many crooks and psychopaths without a conscience who may want to poison the country. That is why the FDA, imperfect as it may be, tries to keep us all safe.


FDA scientific and regulatory personnel consider the application and prepare written assessments
in several categories, including Medical, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Statistical, Clinical,
Pharmacology, Biopharmaceutics, Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation, Proprietary Name, and
Label and Labeling.
The FFDCA requires “substantial evidence” of drug safety and effectiveness.13 FDA has
interpreted this term to mean that the manufacturer must provide at least two adequate and wellcontrolled
Phase III clinical studies, each providing convincing evidence of effectiveness.14 The
agency, however, exercises flexibility in what it requires as evidence.15 As its regulations describein detail, FDA can assess safety and effectiveness in a variety of ways, relying on combinations of studies by the manufacturer and reports of other studies in the medical literature.16








“People are being CURED in other countries. Why does American not allow a cure for the disease?”

Below I shortened a quote that I hope you click to read the entire article.

I found this article below when doing some related research.

I was looking into the claim of “reversing MS with a diet protocol”, knowing full well that there are different kinds of MS that affect MS patients much differently than another person with MS.

When people share this “protocol” with my son or me most people have only read the part with “reversed MS” thinking it will “cure” my son’s progressive MS. They are disappointed when we have to “reject” their suggestion for help.

Yes Is is a nutritionally dense diet. But not appropriate for every person with other health concerns. People with thyroid issues are often told to avoid “goitotropic foods.” (Not medical advice: ask you doctor if you have thyroid diseases. )

The “MS diet protocol “ has not been approved, yet, as it has not been studied, researched and documented that well. ( Read Why is more research not being done for alternative medicine? ) 

. AND it is based on people who have Relapsing-Remitting MS and can still walk. We don’t know if this “protocol” caused the “remission” or “reserved” if they coincidentally experience a remission during the time they improved their diet? ( Keep reading below.)

( Last I knew only 20 people had been studied in this very commercialize protocol. But don’t quote me as I made need to be updated on the new studies.)

The article quoted below is focusing on cancer, not MS. But, the key point I want you to understand is the word, “remission” with an open mind.

There are times when things resolve themselves. Who or what should get the credit for a coincidence?

So how does the medical establishment deal with the undeniable fact that tens of thousands of people, just in America and Mexico, have been cured of cancer, and tens of thousands more in Europe and other places have been so cured?

They do this by saying that these patients went into “spontaneous remission.” The word “spontaneous” is quite interesting…. it was a pure coincidence… “coincidental remission” or “accidental remission” or “unexplainable remission.”


Why is more research not being done for alternative medicine?

Who is going to pay for which of 300,000 possible diseases to be researched? Are you going to donate a cool million or so?

It doesn’t seem fair to not have a cure for a loved one when you need it.

Who has the money, the time, the patience and the desire to spend?

I am not denying that there is something valuable about alternative medicine. Nor am I advocating pharmaceutical drug treatments.

I am just saying that we can NOT and should NOT make any CLAIMS without documented proof. We need to know the answers to the 5 W’s Who, What, When, Where, Why? BEFORE offering false hope with unreliable results.

“CAM”, meaning “complementary and alternative medicine”, is not as well researched as conventional medicine, which undergoes intense research before release to the public.[215] Funding for research is also sparse making it difficult to do further research for effectiveness of CAM.[216] Most funding for CAM is funded by government agencies.[215] Proposed research for CAM are rejected by most private funding agencies because the results of research are not reliable.[215] The research for CAM has to meet certain standards from research ethics committees, which most CAM researchers find almost impossible to meet.[215] Even with the little research done on it, CAM has not been proven to be effective.[217]



Support versus CURE

“Typically unscientific treatments are based upon anecdotal evidence, which is susceptible to placebo effects.”

In Conclusion: Show me the EVIDENCE:

We simply do not have enough properly documented evidence to go with all “natural” methods like people want, yet.

The End

Disclaimer: this post is the opinion of Malika Bourne. It is not meant to be medical or legal advice, but to entertain and inspire your own research.


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