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Comment on A World Disconnected: In the Beginning by No Non-cents Nanna is Back – No Non-cents Nanna

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[…] ·Please note that I have added a new category to my No Non-cents Nanna newly restored blog: A World Disconnected. On those pages you will get to read my research. For those who sign up, you will get to interact […]

A World Disconnected: In the Beginning

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Hits: 30This No Non-cents Nanna post is the background for the beginning of my upcoming psychothriller A World Disconnected. Follow the inner workings of this author’s mind during the creating unwritten pages into A World Disconnected A World Disconnected is a to-be-published sequel to my first novel The Secrets of the Unwritten Book. The truth is rather on the crazy side. I will explain some of the many secrets behind that first novel and why I have to write a sequel to undo the damage of the first book. In the beginning, when I wrote the first edition of my novel, The Secrets of the Unwritten Book, I did it all wrong. So, I republished changing the title somewhat, and […]

Are Pastors Who Defy COVID-19 Safety Measures for Their Church Toxic Leaders?

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Hits: 73All across the United States, there are church leaders who are refusing to practice social distancing claiming it is their Constitutional right for church congregations to meet to worship God. (See First Amendment quote below .) May God bless the church groups who are keeping the people safe. It is my opinion that shepherds have a spiritual, moral and ethical responsibility to protect the flock from harm. Those preachers who are putting their congregations at risk may have toxic power and control issues that need to be explored versus love for one another and for the love of God.     You can choose to keep scrolling and reading the NEWS worthy examples of current pastors trying to buck […]