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How My Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ part 2

Hits: 1This post is part two of How ‘My’ Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ by Malika Bourne. A decade ago, I sheepishly admit that I lacked the skills to grasp the concept that some people are so sociopathic that most of what is uttered out of their mouths is a lie with the purpose of manipulating others for their own amusement. Worse yet, they have no remorse for the harm they cause by playing their sick games. There! I said it! [In part one of How My Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ I gave petty examples of people I have known who are pathological liars and what I learned to look out for in the next […]

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How ‘My’ Psychic ‘Friend’ Convinced Me of the ‘Truth’ part 1

Hits: 1Who wants to admit they had fallen prey to a lying conman? ‘Don’t look at me’ was my first thought when I realized the shocking truth about my best friend. [ The same shame applies to realizing how my loving home church turned into a toxic cult that I left 40 years ago. But that is another story. Click HERE later to read that series.] It is a complicated world we live in. There is much to say about accepting the truth when you realize you have been flimflammed. It is embarrassing…but, we do ‘get-over-it”, in own ways. Or do we ‘get over it’ if or when the truth hits us smack dab in the face? [Telling someone to […]

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Is There a Vaccine to Cure the Spread of Manners Defenciency Syndrome?

Hits: 3Has the whole world forgotten how to use manners? Is “I could care less attitude” a side effect of COVID-19? No, but, we can learn new or improved skills for how to play well with others when the whole world in suffering from a very bad virus. It seems as if rudeness is every bit contagious as COVID variants every time some humans open their mouths. Bad attitudes spread like the plague when people stop caring enough to care about one another. From my analysis of the research I have done over this past year I have concluded that we Americans overall can use an attitude adjustment. We CAN make improvements of our general reactions until we reach herd […]

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Comment on A World Disconnected: In the Beginning by No Non-cents Nanna is Back – No Non-cents Nanna

[…] ·Please note that I have added a new category to my No Non-cents Nanna newly restored blog: A World Disconnected. On those pages you will get to read my research. For those who sign up, you will get to interact […]

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