Living Word Cult Survivor Video Collection part 4

This blog post’s mission is to attempt to pull together the more recent history of the cult The Church of the Living Word aka The Walk after the death of the founding leader John Robert Stevens, AKA Shiloh in Kalona, Iowa, Marilyn Farms from a variety of sources published independently.

  • Many former members are seeking a resolution to the years of toxic control.
  • Other members are quiet for their own personal reasons.

I am a former member from approximately 1956 or 1957 in Washinton, Iowa. I either visited or was sent with my late ex-husband to a number of other bodies. I “blew out” in 1983 with a newborn baby, a 7-year-old, and a 9-year-old.

The videos that I have attached give excellent insight into what was going on with people who are more like my own children’s age. These videos will be of particular interest to survivors of the Living Word Cult and anyone who is studying the consistent toxic control in most other dysfunctional cultish organizations.


Innocent people got caught in a tangled web of deceit. How does a
home own church go from Sunday School to a cult?

My personal analysis will be on future No Non-cents Nanna blog posts.

For the record No Non-cents Nanna’s blog purpose is to provide education to families on health, wellness, and safety. That area of expertise is what I am passionate about as a mother, grandmother, and retired RN. These personal insights correlate with my personal healing as a former cult member of The Walk and Beyond which was extremely disruptive to a normal healthy family structure.


Trigger Warnings

Key words for those searching and sharing:

  1. Kingdom School
  2. Designated Relationships
  3. Board of Education”
  4. Shiloh in Kalona Iowa
  5. The Christmas Truck
  6. Shalom’s Letters
  7. YSAP
  8. Shepherding
  9. sexual abuse cover-up
  10. Church of the Living Word Cult
  11. John Robert Stevens cult founder
  12. cult survivors
  13. videos
  14. Maryland Farm Kalona Iowa
  15. JRS, TLW, CLW, The Walk







PS to Living Word cult survivors: The owner of The Edge of Eternity Networks who powers this No Non-cents Nanna blog and Malika has graciously set up a safe place to network and have discussions or private messages.

So far, I have not gotten the word out and nothing has progressed.

  • The forum pages will be by invitation and vetting only for privacy and safety.

When I get around to it, as if we have nothing else to do, I will message members that I know personally on the Facebook group to give the information to people they trust on how to get it the group.

  • We will need trusted moderators and a lot of suggestions.
  • I’m scribbling down questions. Your questions to explore are welcome.
  • Some information should remain protected and private.
  • DISCLAIMER: this is not a professional therapy group – use at your own risk.
  • Feel free to use the compiled results with your professional therapist. If you are not in therapy, this is not meant to replace the counseling of a professional licensed therapist.

My goal is to eventually put all the pieces together; common threads etc for our healing a closure. One of the most compelling questions is, “Why nobody questioned __?”

aka Malika



Living Word Cult -Video Collection – part 3 Christian Church to Cult

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