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3 More Reasons that Finger Plays are Good Ideas for Little Kids

Learning experiences are enhanced when as many senses are incorporated in that lesson. This is especially true with young children who are learning basic concepts about the world around them. The use of Finger Plays involves a number of the senses. This post is a continuation of a previous post: Working in Early Childhood Development and […]

6 Reasons to Encourage Children to Help with Housework

I know some folks would rather do things themselves to get things done quickly to avoid a kids making a mess. But, if you always do everything, when will they learn? If that is in your thinking, please allow me to give you 6 good reasons why kids need to learn how to “cook” , “clean”, […]

Do Not like Your Life? Change It: Rearrange It.

At times life can be like a box of puzzle pieces:puzzling!   We have many choices when we are so mixed up the pieces don’t fit right.  Whine and complain.  Stay passive or silent. Blame someone else for the problem Wait for someone (enabler)to fix it for us Problem solve to do something different.   In the […]

The Hand Writing on the Wall, the Doll, the Legs…

Learning to “write” is an exciting adventure for most children. If you are the parent of a 3 to 6 year old be FORE WARNED! Even very well supervised and best behaved child will practice every chance they get on anything and everything available; walls; dolls; legs and more… If they get a hankering to […]