6 Reasons to Encourage Children to Help with Housework

I know some folks would rather do things themselves to get things done quickly to avoid a kids making a mess. But, if you always do everything, when will they learn?

Allow kids to prepare food.

Allow kids to prepare food. Sure the cookie decorating is messy, AND that’s OK!

If that is in your thinking, please allow me to give you 6 good reasons why kids need to learn how to “cook” , “clean”, “sew” , yard work at an early age.

So what if they gets frosting all over?

So what if a child spills milk?

Simply hand them a cleaning cloth for them to clean up the mess all by themselves. (If you need to go back later to finish the clean-up that is OK.)



Kids can have fun helping with yard work.

Kids can have fun helping with yard work.


  1. When kids are under foot in the kitchen you know where they are and what they are doing.
  2. You can demonstrate and supervise safe usage of your household tools.
  3. Teaches MATH concepts like: counting; more/ less; measuring amounts etc
  4. Teaches science basics: liquid, solid, gas; hot and cold: chemical changes; order in a process.
  5. Encourages children to try new things. It is a fact when kids help cut up fruits and vegetables they are more willing to make the choice to taste a new food.
  6. Prepares our children for eventual independence with confidence.

Apply the 6 points above to cleaning, laundry and mending.


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying, “Let give kids a chance to make good choices.”


Now it’s your turn:

What other chores can a child learn to do at an early age?

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