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3 Easy Peasy DIY Costume

Moms and Dad’s before you break the bank taking the kids to the creepy seasonal Halloween store… there is an affordable way to to costume the kids and have fun learning experience, too even if you are not too crafty.   The image above show DIY masks Heart Felt Play Store had on display locally. […]

You Don’t Need a Pair of Angel Wings

For all those people on the other side of the counter or on the other end of the phone line. THANKS for being a sweet angel in disguise. You help me through an incredible amount of stress with your kind words and friendly smile. You helped me keep my head above water when I was […]

America Shares a few Moments as One Community Eclipse 2017

I wanted to publish a few thoughts for the future about the day that brought America together for a moment: August 21, 2017 The Eclipse of 2017. I had walked to the post office to mail Heart Felt Play Store order #1050. I bought Eclipse stamps. It was hot and muggy on this August 21th […]

3 Ways to Have More Fun Learning New Facts

It is back to school time and we want our kids to have a successful school year. If the facts are a chore learning can be a bore. But, we can encourage learning the facts above and beyond the bare bones minimum with 3 fun ideas. We know this fact: the more senses involved when […]

A Word About Toy Safety from Heart Felt Play Store

Products are being RECALLED because children are injured or DIE. Please be aware that NOT every item you will getting delivered this holiday season may be safe-nor expect a RECALL notice from all the FREE SHIPPING SELLERS selling cheaper good manufactured by who knows is anyone’s guess in an Asian country with no strict safety […]

Go Cheap and Generic this Halloween

I know, Mom, you’re still buying back to school clothes. You don’t want to think about Halloween yet! But , in the world of retail it is my duty to hep you plan ahead for the most practical money saving ideas for Trick or Treat night before the kids get their heart set on an […]

Top 3 Tips for Getting Organized from Perfectly Organized by Francesca

One day, I was a collecting my witts and digging through the pile of things-to-do-today on my table ..huff and puff…and posting a new product on my store…breathe…when Francesca Villardi and I re-connected on-line, again, after a few years. She is a professional organizer doing business under Perfectly Organized by Francesca Francesca has skills, I quite honestly, […]