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So You Want to Get Rich Selling On-line: News You Can Use!

2017 was a block buster year for on-line sales. More folks want a piece of the on-line sales action. Maybe you or a friend are dreaming of getting rich by selling a “unique” home-made cottage industry product on-line. Why not jump in head first to start selling? I have some simpified NEWS for YOU if […]

On Chosing Miracle Cures: Fact, Falacy, Rumors or False Promises?

When faced with a chronic illness or debilitating disease we all want to know, ” What is the scoop on why the US Government’s FDA is not allowing natural remedies on the market to cure diseases when allegedly ‘there is proof’ out there with alternative treatments? Don’t drugs have side-effects that the “natural” methods don’t […]

More than 5 Things to Do NOT to Your Sick Kids

Cold and flu season are here once again. Parents want to help their children feel better fast …and get some rest themselves. It is all too easy to grab a bottle of fun colored liquid to sooth a sick child with out reading directions…I want to get parents to THINK TWICE before medicating a sick […]

10 Things You Need to Prepare BEFORE You Build a Website

So you want to build a website to promote your book, product or business. This post will give you a few ideas on what to think about when begining to think of your own website. I have friends who have great ideas who are thinking of starting a new business. They have heard that they […]

What Renters with Disabilites Need to Know

By law, landlords may be required to make reasonable accommodations.* But, what does the term┬áreasonable accommodations really mean when a landlord who might rent to someone with a disability? Note from No Non-cents Nanna. Thank you for your patience as I update this post on 3/19/2020 on the subject of Disability Rights to included many […]

BAH! HUM BUG! BED BUGS Home for Christmas?

I know! I tend to be Dickens Scrooge for the holidays! This post is my holiday gift to you. I will share tips and links to  the best of the best information on Bed BUGS wrapped up with a big red bow…the pest issue will still be gross no matter how I wrap the facts on […]

Alledged Sexual Assualts by Celebrities the Trending News

Trending News on Alledged Sexual Assualts by Celebrities may make voyeurs of us all. But will we learn enough from those mistakes to break the cycle of abuse? It is past time men and women should be educated properly on the trending news about SEXUAL ASSUALT. This post will share my opinion; some links to […]