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Mothers of the World Want Peace on Earth: Time-Out Chair Strike

No Non-cents Nanna is calling on all mothers* of the world to unite as

one Earthly Mother to Strike

for Peace on Earth before it is too late.

It is my sacred honor and responsibility as a mother to exercise my right to speak freely to the government of the United States of America about the health and safety of our family. I will do so as I educate my fellow American parents to teach their children.

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You Don’t Know as Much About the Flu as You Think You Do

You Don’t Know as Much About the Flu as You Think You Do.

How can parents, teachers, and daycare providers prepare to avoid the next viral bug from plaguing the lives of families and the public education system?

What you don’t know about influenza or any other contagious viral disease can create a flurry of confusing memes of disinformation/ misinformation that can be devastating for you or your family members. 

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A Big Jaw Breaker Changed My Life: Inspiring Story

 A mother’s poor choice to give her small child a candy jawbreaker turned out to be a life-altering event for me.

I had always planned to be a teacher since early childhood.

When I was 7 or 8 when I passionately practiced my future career as an early childhood educator with my younger sisters, the twins. One of the twins learned to read when she was 3. I suppose it was because I read her and her twin so many books.

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What Can a 3 year old do in the Kitchen?

Prior to the health scare of 2020, many parents were sending their pre-kindergarten children to daycare so they could work.

With the “lockdowns” or businesses shuttering doors, many parents had no choice but to stay-at-home self-isolating with 3,4, and 5-year-old kids experiencing dramatic changes in routines. 

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