A Dozen Ideas to Make A Tee-shirt into An Animal and More

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Do you need a cheap dress-up costume for a school skit or a birthday party activity that the kids will remember and wear long after the gift wrapping paper is thrown away? this post will get you started thinking of ideas that you can make with what you have in the house and a few little extra costumes parts.

Thoughts on Day of the Dead and Death Celebrations and Real Life Death and Dying.

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In this post I want to address the part of the process of life: Death and Dying. With Halloween festivities quickly approaching, I want to remind parents that children look to us adults to set the examples about life and death.

Did You Know that Skeletons are Functional Not Creepy?

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With Halloween decorating ideas being marketed all over America we will see lots of spooky skeletons that creep out the kids. But, have you ever told your children that the bones that make up our skeletons have 6 major functions?