Did You Know that Skeletons are Functional Not Creepy?

With Halloween decorating ideas being marketed all over America we will see lots of spooky skeletons that creep out the kids. But, have you ever told your children that the bones that make up our skeletons have 6 major functions?

Now, that is important to know and hardly spooky at all.


Duct Tape with a skeleton design covers boxes and jars for fun conversation starter with the family.

Duct Tape with a skeleton design covers boxes and jars for fun conversation starter with the family. Copy right Malika Bourne

  • With any holiday some people may have a tendency to twist concepts way out of proportion: Halloween and skeletons is one of those things.
  1. For some people or groups the skeletal remains have religious meaning.
  2. For some age groups skeletons are fun way to carry something to an extreme; individuation based on fear of the unknown.( Get the facts on this subject then the unknown is no longer an unknown to be feared.)
  3. Images and talk of skeletons produces the strong emotions that marketing experts run to the bank with…because..EMOTIONS sell product with huge profits. Ghoulish images can upset some groups(with good intent) who may chose to become very vocal with their perception of skeletons being “evil” . Can we consider how these complaints add to the market frenzy with the heightened interest that increase sales in the out of bounds ideas. (That is lop-sided , I know.)
  4. Medical doctors and scientists make a good living after having studied bones/ skeletons in order to help people stay well or heal.(that is a very good thing!)

If we were to look at “just the facts” about what a skeleton is and what is does for every body, I think we may be able to get some “balance” in a learning situation.

Back to my title: Did You Know that Skeletons are Functional Not Creepy?

Here are some questions to challenge your kids with.

Hint:If you don’t already know the answers I’ll give you a cheat sheet of url’s at he end.

Question #1

Do babies and adults have the same numbers of bones? How many bones are we talking about,then?


Question #2

What is the longest bone in the human body?


Question #3

Where is the smallest bone located in the human body?And what a does that bone do?


Question #4

Can you name the spongy part of bones?


Question #5 What IF you had no bones?


Those are a few question to get you and your family started talking fact about skeletons.

Now, that you know some facts about skeletons what is there to be afraid of?

Don’t let commercialism dictate the best choices for your family.


I am Malika Bourne the No Non-cents Nanna saying Make those good choices!


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