Is it Time to Have The Talk About Diapers with Grandpa?

Recently my posts have been about talking to your children about sensitive matters .From time to time on my blog I write about diapers and potty training.

Potty training oops is kind of cute in a socially acceptable way. But, what if Grand starts wetting his pants?

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Incontinence is a sensitive subject to talk about with a senior citizen.

  • All of us no matter our adult age want to maintain our independence and dignity.
  • I has come to may attention recently that older men living alone have no idea what to do when they started loosing control of their bladder and or bowels.I have seen it with elderly men in my apartment building. Neighbor ladies complain about urine stinking on their brothers or them soiling their Lazy-boy chairs.

You probably get the idea of an adult messing themselves is not nearly as pleasant as baby pee and pooh.

  • No adult man who has worked hard all of his life wants to feel like a baby in diapers if they become incontinent.

.A friend of mine shared with me that she took an aging man to the store to buy DEPENDS ( brand name of adult diapers) and diaper wipes.

The poor old guy had no idea what to do to keep clean after an accident in his underwear. He is not alone in being unprepared for when they can not make it to the bathroom.

  • What I am suggesting is is if you have an elderly father, as embarrassing for them as it is, find the time to have The Talk about staying independent by using an incontinent product.

I know this is weird. ( It is kind of like preparing a daughter for feminine hygiene products.)

  • Granddad is not going to want to go to the store to try to figure out how to tell the clerk that he pees his pants.
  • He is not going to want to do that.I would get a package of Depend undergarments for dear old Dad, “just in case he has a friend”.
  • Be sensitive even if he throws that package at you.

Most older women are familiar with dribbles and wear a sanitary pad. We get used it after decades of having periods.

  • But, for many men, the diaper thing is too humiliating. I would emphasize an undergarment can help Dad keep his Independence with dignity.


What do you think about having The Talk about incontinence with your aging parent? Or are you the aging one, like I am?

I re-purposed an old post of mine from bubblews because I think it about time to bring up the subject once a agina.

Copyright Malika Bourne November 13, 2013

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